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A.A. in Early Childhood Education


Awéé t'áá bi'ootsáádóó, yizhchíí dóó tseebíí binááhaijí' bił na'anish. Amá dóó azhé'é ba'ałchíní ayóó'ó'ní' yee yiniséhígi na'nitin bá bíká íit'íí dooleeł. Bá'ólta'í áłchíní k'é yó'níigo dóó k'é yiłníigo łahdóó yiyaa hwiidooł'aał. Bá'ólta'í áłchíní yázhí yaa sizid dóó yaa já'ólnáago bil bééhózin dooleel. Óhoo'aah t'áá bil nahaz'áágóó Diné bizaad dóó bi'ó'ool'iil biziilgo yee neidínóotiilgo yee haididoolííl.

The Early Childhood Program introduces students to working with young children (birth to age 8) and prepares them for employment in the field as well as successful participation in BA-level programs at other colleges. Courses prepare teacher candidates for CDA Credential as well as the Early Childhood Education endorsement offered by the Arizona Department of Education.

DC-FTF Scholarships in fall, 2015

Diné College has partnered with First Things First to offer scholarships for teacher candidates majoring in Early Childhood Education. The scholarships are merit-based. They cover some tuition and books expenses. To be eligible for scholarship assistance, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a current FAFSA application on file at the College’s Financial Aid Office (as spelled out in the College Catalog – every College student must have this on file).
  • Be currently employed in an early childhood education center or family-based childcare program, and/or be a declared major in early childhood education at Diné College.
  • Have as a career goal to work in a program that serves children from birth-five
  • years old
  • Be a resident of Arizona, on or off the Navajo Nation.

To retain scholarship eligibility, you must earn a C or higher in each course for which you receive DC-FTF support. Otherwise, you will be ineligible for future DC-FTF funding.

Application Steps

Complete this application, attach your updated resume, transcripts, and class schedule for summer 2015, and return the documents to: Amelia Black, CDTE faculty member, CDTE, Tsaile Campus (928-724-6701, aiblack@dinecollege.edu).

Awards will be made to qualified applicants on a first-come, first-served basis until scholarship funds are exhausted.

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