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Associates of Arts (A.A.) in Education Program

Program Overview

Become a K-8 Teacher Aide. Elementary Education A.A. Courses:

  • EDU 200: Foundations of Education
  • EDU 238: Children's Literature
  • EDU 240: Introduction to Special Education
  • EDU 261: Technology in Education
  • EDU 290: Methods and Materials in Navajo Education
  • EDU 292: Bilingual-Bicultural Education/Curriculum Development
  • EDU 297: Practium in Education


The mission of the Associate of Arts in Elementary Education program is to advise and prepare students for careeers as educators utilizing Sa'ah Naagháí Bik'eh Hózhóón.

Goal 1:  Students will articulate what it means to be a teacher.

  • Students will be able to express her/his own philosophy of education.
  • Students know what schools and education systems are.
  • Students have beginning skills and knowledge that are used in a learning environment.

Goal 2:  Students will become educators of Navajo students.

  • Students know Navajo Nation schools and communities.
  • Students know Navajo children and their families.
  • Students advocate for quality education.

Goal 3:  Students will transfer to a BA program of their choosing.

  • Courses transfer successfully.
  • Students perform well in BA programs.


Assessment of our AA Elementary Education Program is ongoing. Please click here to view our assessment process.

Dean and Contact

Contact Information

Lawrence Isaac Jr. Ph.D.
School of Diné Studies and Education
Ned Hatathli Center (NHC)
Tsaile Campus


PO Box C-15
Tsaile, AZ 86556