Center for Diné Teacher Education Proficiency Level Three

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Shí Shaa Hane'
Rosalyn Junes
Keith Dempsey
Láhii Ayóo Be'édílááh
Rose F. Nofchissey
Curtis Ray Benally
Lorraine Manavi
Curtis Ray Benally
Chidí Nímazí
Susie Riggs
Monty Little

Novice High   Level 3

LISTENING - Able to understand short, learned utterances and some sentence-length utterances, particularly where context strongly supports understanding and speech is clearly audible. Comprehends some words and phrases from simple questions, statements, high-frequency commands and courtesy formulae. May require repetition, rephrasing, and/or a slowed rate of speech for comprehension.

READING - Has sufficient control of the writing system to read language in areas of practical need. Where vocabulary has been learned, can read for instructional and directional purposes, standardized messages, phrases, or expressions, such as some items on menus, schedules, timetables, maps, and signs.