Center for Diné Teacher Education Proficiency Level Five

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Dibé Yázhí Dóó Ma'ii
Wenona Frazier
Fionna Frazier
Naaldlooshii Ádaaní
Jonie Thompson
Joy Thompson
Nóona Baa Hane’
Marquita Gishal
Ellery Manheimer
Ts'íís Baa Hane'
Kathealena Benally

Wílii Adiniilghaazh
Bryan Begay

 Sylvia Jackson
Ashkii Ghaaní
Rena Cody
Samuel Chee
 Audrey Frank
 Debbie Teller
Wally Hayes
Ellery Manheimer
Bénii Bik'is
 Justina Jones
Líín Baa Hane’
Arlene Tsosie
Balii Baa Hane’
Gloria Natonabah
Cody R Natonabah
Mííl Bilíí'
Marlo Tsosie

Intermediate Mid   Level 5

LISTENING - Able to understand sentence-length utterances, made up of words that have been learned, on a variety of topics. Content now includes somewhat more complex tasks, such as lodging, transportation, and shopping. Listening tasks now include short routine telephone conversations and some slow speech, such as simple announcements.

READING - Able to read consistently with increased understanding simple, connected texts dealing with a variety of basic and social needs. Such texts are still linguistically noncomplex and have a clear internal structure. They impart basic information to which the reader brings personal interest and/or knowledge. Examples may include short, straightforward descriptions of persons, places, and things written for a wide audience.