Center for Diné Teacher Education Proficiency Level Seven

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Hastiin Dághá
Andrew Becenti
Johnny Secatero

Ashkii Báab Ólta'góó Deeyá
Renae Walters
Ted Cly
Terrence Whitney
Regine Brown

Sóozii Bibéhé
Melanie Howard
Alex Gatewood
Sóízii Daane'é T’éí Yaa Naaghá
Roberta Yazzie
Vyle Chanson
Hastiin Adiits'a'ii Baa Hane'
Lydia Fasthorse Begay
Curtis Ray Benally
Hamásání dóó Hacheii
Victoria Yazzie
Lydia Fasthorse Begay
Rose F. Nofchissey
Kerlissa Bitah
Arnold Bitah
Bernice Casaus
Clay Slate Jr.
Gókíí Séen Dóó Káwii Wéjii
Jonathan Kinsel
Liberty Kinsel
Joseph Sandoval

Video Projects

Atoo’ Álnéehgi
Marjorie Irwin

Bitl’áábito’ Baa Hane'
Lydia Fasthorse Begay

T’áá Bíích’íidii
Rose F. Nofchissey

Na'nízhoozhí Baa Hane'
Lydia Fasthorse Begay

Tsézhiní Baa Hane'
Rose F. Nofchissey




Advanced Low   Level 7

LISTENING - Able to understand main ideas and most details of connected discourse on a variety of topics in present, past, and future. Understands familiar topics best. Can understand description and narration in different time frames or aspects, such as present, past, habitual, or future. Texts may include interviews, short lectures, and news items and factual reports.

READING - Able to read compositions of several paragraphs in length, particularly if presented with a clear underlying structure. The prose is mainly in familiar sentence patterns. Reader gets the main ideas and facts and misses some details. Comprehension derives not only from situational and subject matter knowledge but also from increasing control of the language. Texts at this level include descriptions and narrations such as simple short stories, news items, personal correspondence, and simple technical material written for the general reader.