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Associated Students


We, the Associated Students of Diné College, in order to promote the most cohesive relationship beween all elements of Diné College; and further, to increase the sharing of responsibilites, duties and authorities amongst the students and the various other entities of Diné College (including branch and extension operations) that serve the general welfare of the students do hereby, declare our Constitution as herein contained.

2012-2013 Officers

Ashley A. Begay Photo

Robin McGee, President
Business Administration

Wayne Harvey Photo

Wayne Harvey, Vice-President
Diné Studies

Leander Altsisi Photo

Leander Altsisi, Secretary
Business Administration

Christine Benally Photo

Christine Benally, Treasurer
Business Adminstration

Koltey Tso Photo

Koltey Tso, Activities Coordinator
Social & Bavioral Science

Abram Capo Photo

Abram Capo, Senate
Business Administration

Wilson Atene Photo

Wilson Atene, Senate
Liberal Arts

Leta Honnie Photo

Leta Honnie, Senate
Diné Studies

Lee D. Honnie Photo

Lee D. Honie, Senate
Fine Arts

Student Clubs & Organizations

  • Animal Care Club
  • Azee' Bee Nahagha Club (formerly Native American Church)
  • Green Club

Advisors & Contact


Fred Tahe, Learning Center Manager

Abraham Bitok, Academic Dean

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