Academic Degrees & Certificates

General Information

Diné College is authorized to offer academic degrees for the completion of a program of study. These include the Associate of Arts, the Associate of Science, and the Associate of Applied Science degrees. Certificates are awarded for training programs in clerical fields. Each Regional Site focuses on a limited number of programs that transfer to state universities and colleges. For additional information, contact the Regional Site in your area. A student planning to transfer from Diné College to a baccalaureate degree program must exercise care in course selection to ensure that our courses will be transferable. The Registrar’s Office has course equivalency guides available to help with this analysis. The guides list the transferability of Diné College courses to other colleges and universities in Arizona and New Mexico.

Degree Checklists (login required)

Additional Degrees
Diné College graduates may obtain additional degrees by completing the program requirements as outlined in the programs of study. No substitution is allowed between program requirements. Transfer students who have already earned a degree beyond the Associate level may attend Diné College for a degree, however, the student must completes a minimum of twenty-four credit hours and meet the policy for transferring credits. The appropriate Division Academic Dean must approve all exceptions.

Arizona and New Mexico General Education Transfer Curricula
Diné College is working with the Arizona General Education Articulation Task Force, the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education, and surrounding colleges and universities to achieve full recognition of Diné College general education courses and degree programs so that all Arizona and New Mexico state universities and other institutions of higher education accept the block transfer of general education courses and associate degree courses from the College. In the meantime, Diné College courses may be evaluated on a course-by-course basis for transfer to Arizona and New Mexico state institutions. Students seeking additional information on the transferability of courses and programs should check with the Office of Records and Admissions at Tsaile or Shiprock Campus.

Catalog Under Which a Student May Graduate
Students who have been admitted should follow the catalog graduation requirements in effect at the time of their initial enrollment unless they have "stopped out." In such cases, the current year catalog applies and students are expected to follow the requirements for completion of the degree. To maintain the catalog rights, students must remain in continuous attendance. Continuous attendance is defined as attendance in at least one course at Diné College for one semester in any one calendar year. Students may choose to qualify for graduation under the requirements in effect either: at the initial enrollment or during subsequent terms of continuous enrollment. Note:
Students who have been academically disqualified may lose continuous attendance rights.

To be eligible for graduation and participation in commencement exercise, students must meet the requirements for a degree or certificate as spelled out above, plus the following:
     • File a completed graduation petition and degree checklist with the Office of Records and Admissions prior to the deadline.
     • Pay the $25.00 non-refundable filing fee to the Cashier’s Office.
     • Pay in full all outstanding accounts to the College.
     • Return all Library and checked out materials.
     • Complete the College's graduate student survey.

Graduation Regalia
Appropriate college cap and gown required for the commencement exercise. Traditional attire may be worn under the gown encouraged. The cap and gown signifies the completion of a college degree program and observed as a symbol of protection way.

Graduation Requirements for an Academic Degree
     • Must have been formally admitted to Diné College.
     • Must have a high school diploma, a General Education Development (GED) Certificate, or special permission from the appropriate Division Academic Dean.
     • Must have completed all general education and degree requirements in the program of study.
     • Must have a “C” average for general education program requirements, and have “C” grades or better for all courses that fulfill degree program requirements.
     • Must earn twenty-four credit hours of Diné College coursework, which must include nine hours in program requirements.
     • Must pass the reading assessment or FST 131 with a “C” or better.

Graduation Requirements for a Certificate
     • Must have been formally admitted to Diné College.
     • Must have completed all necessary course requirements in the field of study.
     • Must have “C” or better in all course work used on checklist.

Graduation Petition
Students must complete and file a Graduation Petition with the Registrar’s Office by the deadline stated in the academic calendar. A late graduation petition may be accepted after the deadline subject to a late fee and approval by the Appropriate Division Academic Dean. Petitions are evaluated by the Registrar and Academic Standards Committee and approved by the Appropriate Division Academic Dean.

Petition for Course Substitution
All students are expected to satisfy all Diné College degree requirements. However, under certain circumstances, substitutions for required courses may be necessary and appropriate. To initiate a course substitution, students should complete the “Petition for Change in Degree/Certificate Request” form, which must then be submitted to the Academic Standards Committee and the appropriate Division Academic Dean. This form can be obtained from the Office of Records and Admissions or from a Regional Director.

Reading Proficiency Requirement for Graduation
The attainment of satisfactory skill levels in reading, writing, and mathematics is necessary for graduation from Diné College with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Associate of Applied Science degree. Students graduating with a certificate are not required to meet these proficiency requirements unless specified by courses required for the certificate. General education course requirements in English (writing) and Mathematics are designed to foster development of skills in these two areas. Although reading courses do not fulfill any general education requirements, students must demonstrate, prior to graduation, at least satisfactory ability to read with comprehension in one of the following ways:

Students must earn a passing grade on the college’s reading assessment when they register for their first semester at the college or when it is offered as part of a reading course they are enrolled in.

If students do not pass the reading assessment by the time they have completed one semester of FST 131 Advanced Reading, they must either take the course again and pass it with at least a “C” or pass the reading assessment when it is given during the course.

If students who have taken FST 131 a second time and still have not passed the course or the reading assessment, they must either retake and pass FST 131 or retake and pass the reading assessment. Students may not retake the assessment more than three times per semester and must wait a minimum of eight weeks between each attempt.