Financial Aid

Financial Aid & Scholarship Forms

For any general question regarding financial aid, please send an email to These forms are required if students are applying for financial assistance for Fall 2014, Spring 2015 or Summer 2015. (Not: Only students selected for Verification must complete verification worksheet, please check with the Financial Aid Office to verify which forms you are required to submit. We will notify you either by email or mail if you have been selected for verification or need additional documents.)

2014-2015 General Forms

  • Financial Aid Data Form (FADF) 2014-2015 New, Transfer, and returning students applying for Fall 2014, Spring 2015 or Summer 2015 are required to complete this form.
  • Financial Aid Student Consent Form To comply with FERPA, all students are required to re-submit this form every academic year to authorize an individual(s), access/disclosure of confidential information.
  • Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) Signature Page
    If the student and/or parent did not sign their 2014-2015 FAFSA application with their PIN, this form will satisfy the requirement; this form must be completed w/signatures and return back to the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.

2014-2015 Verfication Forms

  • Verification Worksheet–V1-V6
      • If student and/or parent is selected to verify household size, number in college, filed 2012 federal tax return, untaxed income, dependent or Independent status and verify.
      • Verification of Child Support Paid
      • Verification of High School Completion
      • Verification of Identity and Educational Purpose
      • (Note: this form must be signed in person at the Financial Aid Office or in the presence of an Academic Advisor to be valid and must be submitted as an original copy)

      • Verification of other untaxed income: If the student, parent and/or spouse are NOT required to file a 2013 Federal income Tax return (1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ). Additional documents or statement may be requested.
    • IRS Tax Transcripts Retrieve and Ordering Processes (Hyperlink to:
    • Steps to retrieving and ordering student or parent IRS Tax Transcripts.

    2014-2015 Review Forms

    • Satisfactory Academic Progress Review
      SAP Policy reviews the federal Regulation require Dine College to establish Satisfactory academic progress standards for student that are receiving Title IV financial assistance.
    • Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Form
      An appeal option for students who are placed on Financial Aid SUSPENSION.