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United States Collegiate Athletic Association

    The Diné College Athletics program provides the student athletes educational opportunities, support services, resources, and facilities to accomplish academic and athletic ambitions. Diné College Athletics aspires to promote student athletes to initiate their personal, physical, and cognitive skills. Through athletic participation the students will establish teamwork, ethical behavior, and cohesion to the Diné Warriors rules to include: Academic and eligibility requirements, character, leadership and respect for opponents while representing Diné College.

    Mission Statement

    Diné College will pursue to captivate student athletes who will accomplish in academics and athletics.

    Vision Statement

    Diné College will provide a learning environment for student athletes to expand their academic and social leadership skills.


      1. To comply with all institutional, USCAA, NIRA, and USAA regulations pertaining to an athlete’s eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics.
      2. To encourage the academic success of all student athletes.
      3. To create a positive academic atmosphere for student athletes by making available counseling and tutoring.
      4. To promote wellness through a sound conditioning program as well as pre-season physicals and careful attention to illness and injury.
      5. To optimize the marketing of the athletic department in an effort to enhance its image.

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