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Yeego Warriors!

Cross Country Team Ready to Run

August 27, 2013

TSAILE — The Warrior Cross Team is poised and looking to add another championship this year, they will take the field at their season opener on September 7 in Flagstaff, AZ. Returning 2012 National Champion

Dustin Abeita brings much confidence to the team along with three other returnees on the men¹s team.

2013 Cross Country Team

The Warriors will be in the hunt this year for a National Championship after being edged out at the 2012 United States Collegiate Athletic Association cross country championship in Lake Placid, New York last season. The women¹s team also brings in some experience and is looking equally competitive. ³They look to be highly competitive and I¹m confident this group of young men and women will be of championship caliber,² said Dean of Academics and Head Coach Abe Bitok.