Diné Policy Institute

Diné Policy Institute is established under Diné College as a research institute to “mesh” Western research practices with traditional Navajo values, Natural, Traditional, Customary, and Common laws (as found in the CN-69-02). Drawing from the research, DPI provides technical assistance and advisement to Navajo Nation policy-makers.

Vision Statement

Through the principles and values of Sa’ah Naaghai Bik’eh Hozhoon, Dine Policy Institute will become the premiere quality research organization for facilitating, analyzing issues, an educating Bil’ashdlaii, in a way that ensures that beeheezaani are developed to protect the sovereignty and cultural integrity of the Dine.

Mission Statement

Dine Policy institute’s mission is to articulate, analyze, and apply the Dine Bi Beehaz’aannii to issues impacting the Navajo people by educating, collaborating and serving as a resource for policy and research.


Through the mission statement, Dine Policy Institute will conduct quality law and policy research and provide clarity between Dine research and other paradigms.