Diné Environmental Institute Mission

Diné College, the Higher Education Institution of the Navajo Nation, seeks funding to build a research facility to house the Diné Environmental Institute which was established to meet the documented environmental needs of the Southwest region of the United States and of the Native Nations. In the current atmosphere surrounding the need to establish national energy independence, this effort takes on added urgency and importance and will provide an essential contribution to that end.

The Diné Environmental Institute is based on Sa’ąh Naagháí Bik’eh Hózhóón (SNBH) the Diné traditional living system which places human life in harmony with the natural world and the universe.

The MISSION of the DEI
• Nitsáhákees (Thinking)
– develop culturally relevant cirriculum

• Nahatá (Planning)
– Develop environmental policy
– provide environmental project management

• Iiná (Living)
– conduct environmental studies
– conduct community outreach and training

• Siihasin (Assurance)
– maintain and manage data collections including repository archiving and sharing
– produce Native American scientists and technicians


Four Sacred Elements with Strategic Goals
• Earth
– Sustainable (and traditional) agriculture
– Environmental remediation
– Responsible reclamation of mining sites

• Water
– Improve water quality and quantity

• Air
– Improve air quality

• Light
– Increase the use of renewable energy in culturally sensitive ways