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Diné Language Planning Committee

Next Diné Language Immersion Camp

Friday, November 30 through Sunday, December 2, 2012

Once again, faculty from the Center for Diné Teacher Education have teamed with colleagues from the Center for Diné Studies and the Diné Policy Institute to offer a two-day Navajo language immersion experience. Diné Bizaad learners will engage with fluent speakers of Diné Bizaad. This time the camp will take place in Lukachukai, AZ. The Theme for this camp will be Winter Activities. With a focus on language learning and practice through fun, hands-on activities, the camp experience is designed to promote oral language proficiency in Diné Bizaad and promote effective ways to teach Diné Bizaad in immersion settings.

Registration Deadline: November 27
The registration packet is available here

To participate in the Immersion Camp you must be 18 years or older, sign the “Language Camp Commitment” – an agreement to speak only Diné Bizaad for the entire camp – and submit a completed Registration Application and $30 program fee to Glo Edison, Center for Diné Teacher Education, 6th floor of Ned Hatathli Center (NHC). Note: there is no prerequisite for enrolling in the camp.

Food and drinks will be provided for a nominal fee of $30 per participant (cash only, please). Payment must be made prior to the event to Glo Edison at the CDTE. Availability of slots for Navajo language learners is limited. First-come, first-served basis. All slots will be open until the cash fee is received..

If you have questions about your ability to participate see Thomas Littleben, chairperson of the Center for Diné Studies. For more information, contact Thomas Littleben or other members of the camp's planning committee: Barsine Benally, Thomas Benally, Amelia Black, James McKenzie, or Daniel McLaughlin.