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WERC is a consortium for Environmental Education and Technology Development. The consortium’s mission is to develop the human resources and technologies needed to address environmental issues. WERC has come to be widely recognized for its commitment to the nation’s environment and natural resources. The members of the WERC consortium are University of New Mexico, New Mexico Tech, Diné College, Sandia Labs and Los Alamos Labs.

Uranium WERC Planning

WERC’s threefold program aims to achieve environmental excellence through education, public outreach and technology development and deployment. Through this consortium partnership, Diné College is able to reach a broad spectrum of audience in teaching and research activities in environmental science.

Goal 1: Support the AS in Environmental Science instructional program

Objective 1.1: Continue to develop the environmental science curriculum, to include adapting to distance learning modalities such as videoconferencing and webCT.

Goal 2: Support student learning through fellowships and internships

Objective 2.1: Provide fellowships to support environmental science students.

Objective 2.2: Provide students with research internships both on and off campus.

Goal 3: Provide educational outreach on environmental issues

Objective 3.1: Present on environmental education topics monthly to local K-12 schools, and provide technical support to teachers in these areas. “Will maintain and enhance an effective environmental education outreach program to local K-12 schools by selecting one school a month to provide technical support to teachers, collaborate in classroom and community presentations, and otherwise facilitate environmental education based upon local issues.”

Objective 3.2: Provide community outreach through community research conferences on environmental studies and topics.
“Will collaborate with other Diné College research programs and other agencies (such as NIH-RISE, ATSDR, etc.) in conducting community research conferences on environmental issues to keep the public updated on studies and research of interest in the region, and will support public efforts to determine their role in developing strategies to address the issues raised.”

Objective 3.3: Partner with others to provide workshops to teachers and environmental professionals on uranium, radiation, reclamation, and other environmental topics.
“Will coordinate scheduled workshops for community, K-12, teachers, or other professionals.”

Goal 4: Participate in environmental research with local and consortium partners

Objective 4.1: Collaborate with WERC partners, Navajo Nation divisions and other researchers to engage in environmental research on significant local topics with the student interns. “Will coordinate activities of students conducting summer research projects on the Diné College campus, some in conjunction with other institutions or agencies in health and environmental related studies, such as the “Relationship of Indoor & Ambient Air Quality to Respiratory Diseases in the Navajo Nation” survey study.”

Goal 5: Continue planning and development efforts for the Diné Environmental Institute

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Perry H. Charley

Mark Bauer
Ph.D., Northwestern University




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