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American Indian Health Information Resources

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General Resources:

CDC FastStats Health of American Indian or Alaska Native Population

Basic statistics about Native American population and health.
American Indian Health from the National Library of Medicine

"An information portal to issues affecting the health and well-being of American Indians."
MedlinePlus Native American Health from the National Library of Medicine

Links to research about various Native American health topics.
Native Voices Online Exhibit from the National Library of Medicine

Interviews and exhibits about various Native American health topics.
Rural Assistance Center - Tribal Health and Human Services

"Resources in this guide provide specific information on tribal health and human services disparities, as well as funding sources and tools that can be used to help improve health care and human services for Native Americans."
National Indian Health Board

Provides public health information and tribal resources relating to health care.
National Council of Urban Indian Health

Provides resources and research related to Native Americans living in urban settings.
Native Health Database from University of New Mexico

Allows researchers to limit searches to specific tribes.
Minority Women's Health - American Indians/Alaska Natives

Contains statistics about a variety of health conditions relevant to Native populations (not just for women)


National Resource Center on Native American Aging

Contains research related to aging in the Native American population

Behavioral Health:

One Sky Center (American Indian/Alaska Native National Resource Center for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services)

Contains congressional testimony relating to Native American mental health issues.

Child Welfare:

National Indian Child Welfare Association

Contains downloadable research documents/pamphlets
Indian Country Child Trauma Center

Based in Oklahoma, but contains research and publications related to child trauma of Native populations


National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse (American Indians and Alaska Natives Page)

Links to information about Diabetes in American Indians.


Research and Training Center on Disability in Rural Communities (American Indians)

Research related to Native Americans in rural areas with disabilities


American Indian Environmental Office

EPA portal for Native American related issues
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (from the CDC)

CDC's Office of Tribal Affairs website. Information about various toxins contained in their A-Z index.


Native American Ethnobotany Database, University of Michigan

Searches USDA database for information on Native plants


National Native American AIDS Prevention Center

Contains fact sheets about HIV/AIDS in Native populations.


USDA National Nutrient Database

USDA's nutrition information for thousands of foods, including a section for American Indian/Alaska Native foods.

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