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Diné College has a site office in Chinle, Arizona. We are currently located next door to Pizza Edge. By May 2014, we will be moving into a new building which is located close to the hospital.

What brought Diné College to Chinle were the community members and the Board of Regents who expressed concerns about having their young adults move away from home to earn their college degree. Many community members spoke of having their young adults earn their degree from home while tending to their family obligations.

Chinle has its own unique, intriguing history that has evolved over time to what it is today, a town full of opportunities for growth and development. In the late 1800, Chinle town became known as a Fort. These buildings were used by military men and later, transitioned to a boarding school. Community members have vivid memories of being at the boarding school, early runs toward the sunrise, the tall, russian olives and the enormous playgrounds surrounding the school. Numerous sport events drew crowds to this town.

The word, Chinle, is translated as Ch’inili in Navajo. Ch’inili means where the river comes into a flat area from a canyon (the canyon is from Tsaile and Canyon De Chelly). Chinle is a tourist attraction for its monument park (Canyon De Chelly, the White House, and Spider Rock). The town has also grown rapidly, in the buildings of school facilities, hospital, gas stations, Bashas, NTUA, 3 motels, and a new airport.

In the late 1980s, Chinle Diné College office opened near the Administration office. This building was later demolished and the office was moved to Chinle Community Center. This office was in operation for 10 years before it was moved to a building across the Self-Reliance office. Today, the Chinle Diné College is located in the Chinle Bashas complex. In summer 2014, our office will be moving again to another building near the hospital. The future vision of this center is to someday have a newly built Diné College campus in Chinle.

Chinle site student enrollment ranges from 100 – 200. Most courses are held in the evenings on weekends. We are a one-stop site and our college is fully committed to provide efficient and effective student services in advisement, registration, testing, orientation, ITV courses and we have computers available for students, and field trips. Many students are non-traditional students. Some of them are parents and/or have full time jobs during the day. Many of these students prefer to remain home, take college courses, save money, care for their elder parents and grandparents and take care of livestock. Chinle Agency serves 13 Chapters. Twenty to Thirty students graduates each spring semester. Many of our graduates are employed and hold prestigious positions in their prospective communities such as Principals, Certified teachers, Directors, hospital administrators and staff, and Law enforcement offices. These individuals are encouraging their children and the youth to start at Diné College. Their motto is “Diné College is a great place to start”.


The center is located on 5755 Main Street across from the Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility.

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Cathy L. Bahe
B.A., Northern Arizona University
DC Extension: 7101

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