Tsaile Student Services

Food Services
Tsaile Campus provides food services in a spacious dining hall. Hot meals, cold deli and salad bars, and freshly baked goods are featured daily. Hot and cold sandwiches, as well as a variety of snacks, are also available. Visitors are welcome. Dinners and banquets for large groups are available by prior arrangement only. For meal plans, refer to the Fees and Payment section.

Meal Plan for Resident Students at Tsaile Campus
All residence hall students must comply with housing policies and purchase a 19, 15, or 14 meal plans. All Resident students with dependents must purchase either a 15 meal plan or a five meal plan for dependent(s), aged 0-11 years.

     • 19 meal plan (three meals a day M thru F and two meals a day on weekends)
     • 15 meal plan (Three meals a day M thru F and Dependent meal plan M thru F)
     • 14 meal plan (Two meals M thru Sun)
     • Five meal plan for dependent ages 0-11

Residence Life
Diné College provides eight residential halls for students at Tsaile Campus: Three coed residences and five noncoed residences which include housing for married students. Each hogan shaped hall features a circular fireplace located in a common area with Dish Network Satellite System. Students must provide their own linens and are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of their rooms. Coin operated washing machines and dryers are available in each residence hall. Housing policies and regulations can be obtained from the Manager of Residence Life. Dependents ages must be one to 11 years of age.

Residential halls and off-campus housing are not available at Shiprock Campus and the six Sites. Students applying for housing must submit the following:

     • Diné College Housing Application – With a signed Terms and Conditions
     • Purchase a 19, 15, 14, or 10 meal plan
     • $5.00 Parking Permit, if applicable

Married Student and Single Parent Housing
One residence hall for legally married students and single parents is available at Tsaile Campus. It is not designed to accommodate families; however, one or two dependents may reside with a parent. Because of limited space and health standards, no more than two children each under the age of 12 are permitted to live in the halls with their parents. Birth certificates indicating direct descent or legal adoption must be presented. Only full-time students are eligible to live in residential halls.

Both husband and wife must attend full-time to reside in the Residential Hall. A single parent must also be a fulltime student. Single parents with one dependent are assigned a single occupancy room at the single occupancy rate. Parents must purchase a meal plan for their dependent(s). Proof of financial support to meet the added expense should accompany the initial request. Such requests will be handled on a space availability basis and only after the first two weeks of each semester. Parents must have verification of financial support for their child or children from the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office and meet Head Start eligibility requirements before housing is assigned.

Guest Housing
Overnight guest(s) of students or of the College may rent a room for $35 for a double room and $25 for a single room. Reservations should be made with the Manager of Residence Life. Enrolled Diné College students may rent a room for $10 per person per night.

Head Start for Dependent Children
The Navajo Tribal Head Start Program accommodates children between the ages of three and one-half to five years. Interested parents should contact the Tsaile Head Start Program at (928) 724-2209, or contact the nearest Head Start Agency office:
     • Chinle Agency: (928) 674-2141
     • Crownpoint Agency: (800) 782-7870
     • Ft. Defiance Agency: (928) 729-4016
     • Shiprock Agency: (505) 368-1200
     • Tuba City Agency: (928) 283-3223

Tsaile First-Year Cohort Program
The First-Year Cohort Program is for entering students at the Tsaile campus that offers first year students an opportunity to develop college success skills while making friends and helping the local community. The program also offers pre-semester orientation to the Diné College philosophy, college life and academic procedures as well as an opportunity to shorten the time spent in developmental classes.

To qualify for this program you need to be placed in one of the developmental reading classes, (FST 129, FST 130 or FST 131 or developmental math classes, (MTH 011, MTH 051, or MTH 100). Most students completing this program have exited with a higher then average grade, an earlier start for college level classes, knowledge of academic procedures, and a developed supportive network of friends, faculty, and staff. For information, call 928.724.6614.

Tsaile Student Union
The Student Union Building (SUB) at the Tsaile Campus serves as the campus center for students, faculty, and staff. Students have available seasonal activities that make extracurricular life fun. In the SUB are a student employment office, computer lab, study area, meeting rooms, game room, billiards tables, big screen TV, snack bar, lounge, and bookstore. Other Division of Student Services offices include the Student Development Office, Student Programs, Student Activity, Veterans Counselor, Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, Associated Students of Diné College Office and the Navajo Nation Scholarship office. SUB programs include professional entertainers, talent showcases, student sponsored dances, guest speakers, and American Indian performers. Conferences, workshops, and festivals
take place in the SUB activity room.

Tsaile Learning Center
The Learning Center provides academic support services for students at the Tsaile campus. The Learning Center helps students achieve their educational goal. The services provided are placement testing, tutoring, computer training/lab, online network, study area and advising. Placement Testing are required for all new students and transfers. Tutoring is conducted by peer (student) tutors on an individualized or group session. Workshops/training is provided in the areas of desktop software (e.g., work processing, spreadsheet, database, & digital images), email, Internet, and other education software. For more information, log on to http://www.dinecollege.edu.