Give the gift of warmth to your future graduate, alumni, or supporter of Diné College. This limited edition blanket is a show of heart, a touch of wool and a helping hand. 100% of all sales support Diné College students and sustain the Bi’olta’a Student Scholarship Fund.

Per Blanket


Purchases can be made over the phone or in-person. Cards, cash & payroll deduction are accepted forms of payment.

Contact Nonabah Sam (nsam@dinecollege.edu) or Adrian Lerma (alerma@dinecollege.edu) today!


The ‘Power of Education’ signature wool blanket was designed by Diné College student, Anthony Gary Williams,  and was commissioned to Eighth Generation, a Native-owned and operated company based in Seattle, Washington. The company was founded in 2008 by Louie Gong (Nooksack), and is the first Native-owned company to ever produce wool blankets. Diné College is proud of this collaboration because it shows our commitment to creating opportunities for cultural artists, as well as, our strong support for “inspired Natives, not native inspired” entrepreneurship!

The official Diné College logo is placed in the center of the blanket, symbolized by an arrowhead that represents protection. Mountains and corn stalks border the edges and they represent ancestral knowledge and growth stages, carrying lessons of power and prosperity. The prominence of the blue in the design signifies advancement, while the gold represents health and happiness. This is a blanket that anyone can wrap themselves in to feel safe, warm, and at home.

  • Buy at a Diné College bookstore: Main campus (1 Circle Drive, Route 12, Tsaile, AZ), or the Shiprock North campus (1228 Yucca Street, Shiprock, AZ).
  • Purchase directly from Adrian Lerma at the Office of the President (NHC 6th Floor – Main Campus), or from )Nonabah Sam at the Ned Hatathli Museum (NHC 4th Floor – Main Campus) with a debit/credit card via SQUARE Point of Sale.
  • Order via e-mail, by sending a request to: alerma@dinecollege.edu or nsam@dinecollege.edu (Additional shipping charges will apply)
  • Submit a Payroll Deduction form to DC’s Payroll Technician & notify Adrian Lerma or Nonabah Sam.