Dine College Institutional Review Board (IRB)


The Dine College (DC) Institutional Review Board (IRB) operates under the purview of Dine College to review and approve all research proposals developed by or about DC students, staff, faculty, graduates, or other close affiliates.  The core IRB consists of DC faculty and Navajo Nation community members, and occasional focused IRBs include additional members who are experts the pertinent area.  The IRB meets on the twice monthly to review research proposals and conduct IRB business.


Dr. Suzanne Russ, Chair
Associate Professor of Psychology
Email: slruss@dinecollege.edu

Dr. Shazia Hakim, Vice-Chair
Associate Professor of Microbiology
email: shakim@dinecollege.edu



The DC IRB reviews all research proposals (a) involving DC students, faculty, or staff as participants, or (b) proposed by DC students, faculty, or staff.

Research: Research is defined in the DC IRB Procedure Manual as a “systematic investigation, including research development, testing, and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge.” Research approved by the DC IRB and involving members of the Navajo Nation must also gain approval from the Navajo Nation Human Research Review Board (NNHRRB). The only exceptions to this secondary review are (a) DC student research conducted for class credit under supervision of a DC faculty member, and (b) research proposed by faculty or staff members that does not specifically involve members of the Navajo Nation.

Non-Research. Data collection intended for  the sole and explicit purpose of (a) enhancing or altering DC student programs, experiences, or outcomes, (b) providing DC students with in-class experience analyzing or displaying data, (c) enhancing or better understanding DC employee experiences, or (d) similar data collection for non-generalizable, not publishable purposes. Such data collection is explicitly deemed as non-research and is not subject to the purview of the IRB. As IRB oversight has not been conducted on such data collection, any findings (regardless of their potential interest or significance) may not be disseminated in publications or shared as formal research outcomes.

Steps: Follow these steps to submit an IRB proposal for review.

  1. Download and complete the appropriate forms, which will include at a minimum the IRB Research Proposal form.
  2. Ensure that all of your research team members have completed the Human Subjects Protections training (CITI Training). Information about the training can be found at the CITI training link.
  3. Submit all forms and materials, including the research proposal form, any supplementary forms, informed consent documents, study materials, and CITI training certificates, one week prior to the next meeting.
  4. Await confirmation email from IRB chair that your complete proposal was received and the date of the review
  5. Ensure that at least one member of your research team is available to deliver a 5-minute presentation about your research proposal and answer any questions of the IRB members.
  6. Provide any additional materials, if any, requested by the IRB.
  7. Await your final IRB approval letter and protocol number before beginning your research.
  8. Comply with all instructions in the approval letter regarding annual update, final report, or any other requirements.




The IRB meets at 9:00 a.m. Mountain Time on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

Fall 2023 Meeting and Submission Dates

  • TBD (Submit by TBD)

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For questions concerning the Dine College IRB, contact IRB-Chair@dinecollege.edu or Dr. Andrea Christelle, Vice Provost for Research, achristelle@dinecollege.edu

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