Kinyaa’áanii Library Campaign


The Kinyaa’áanii Library at Diné College is in the midst of a fundraising campaign for renovations. The Kinyaa’áanii Library Campaign is a year of giving to support Navajo higher Education.

All are welcome to give donations before the campaign concludes on May 10, 2020.

Your gift, no matter the amount, nurtures more than just education. Your gift provides the necessary resources and facility for our students, faculty and researches to actively engage in solutions  on the Navajo Nation and beyond.

Renew the Fireplace of Knowledge — Kinyaa’áanii Library Campaign

The fireplace is the center of a Navajo home — Sacred Fire, the illuminating witness to the growth and development of Navajo education. Navajo education completed a major milestone in 1968, establishing and leading the way for American Indian Education. The Kinyaa’áanii Library is located in the center of the Diné College —Tsaile Main Campus

The First Tribal College Library, the Kinyaa’áanii Library, was opened in 1974 under the prayer of Navajo Medicine Practitioner Charlie Benally. The seeds of Navajo education were planted in remembrance of the unfailing efforts of our Navajo elders, securing the future for the realization of today’s Diné College.

For one year, up until May 2020, and in line with the start of the planting season, please help us to plant the seeds of the Renew the Fireplace of Knowledge — Kinyaa’áanii Library Campaign — to raise $1.5 million for library renovations.

As our elders before, the college entrusts the initial efforts of our Diné College alumni to lead and give to the campaign, at the same time encouraging stakeholders to give to the renovation of the Kinyaa’áanii Library.

Current Photos of Library

Projected After Renovations Photos