News Release – Diné College Professor J. Angel de Soto to Chair Cancer Genetics

Dr. J. Angel de Soto
Dr. J. Angel de Soto

Diné College Professor J. Angel de Soto to Chair Cancer Genetics at the World Cancer Congress in Lisbon Portugal


December 20, 2021

TSAILE, Ariz. — STEM Professor. J. Angel de Soto will be chairing the 13th Annual World Cancer Congress which will be held in Lisbon Portugal on July 20-22, 2022. Professor de Soto is considered one of the world’s leading pharmacogeneticist. He has an MD in medicine from Howard University, a PhD in pharmacogenetics from Howard University and a Doctorate in National Security & Intelligence from Henley Putnam University. Professor de Soto was trained at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. He has published over 300 papers and is currently the Editor & Chief of the Journal of Advanced Biochemistry, Editor of the Journal of Virology Research and Editor of the Journal of Internal Medicine Letters. Prior to coming to Diné College, Professor de Soto helped oversee the United States 100-million-dollar Chemical & Biological weapons program at Ft. Dietrich MD. He served as the Medical Advisor to President Pro-Tempore of the United States Senator Robert Byrd where he advised on health care and health care research inclusive of the governments, 41-billion-dollar National Institutes of Health Research Budget. Academically, he has served as a Department Chair, Dean, and Acting Associate Vice-President of Research at top-level American Universities where he has created and oversaw the Institutional Review Board (IRB), Scientific Review Board (SRB), African American Policy Institutes, and Office of Research Management. In addition, he has raised over 16 million dollars in competitive research grants for research from the National Institutes of Health, Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency.

Professor de Soto’s research interests are in Pharmacogenomics and Health Care Disparities where he is considered one of the top Pharmacogeneticists world-wide and was trained by Dr. Chuxia Deng one of the world’s leading geneticists. Currently, 4 cancer drugs which he helped develop are on the market. Tamoxifen, Raloxifene, Fulvestrant and the PARP inhibitors. He published the first paper on the treatment of COVID and the first paper comparing the efficacy of the current vaccines against COVID. Professor de Soto, at the World Cancer Congress will present on treating cancer based on the genetic profile of the individual and not via a one size fits all. In addition, he will lead the discussion on this topic and form long lasting ties with the world leading scientists in this field. Professor de Soto states, “research drives the reputation of an institution and provides much needed funding. But most importantly it provides students with real scientific experience which generates new knowledge.”


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