• Classes close to home. Student housing available at Tsaile campus.

• Affordable tuition. Financial Aid is also available from Pell Grants and The Navajo Nation.


Dean: Paul Willeto, Ed.D.
School of Humanities and English
Ned Hatathli Center (NHC)
Tsaile Campus

PO Box C-23
Tsaile, AZ 86556

Provost: Geraldine Garrity, Ed. D.

“Rooted in Diné language and culture, Our mission is to advance quality post-secondary student learning and development to ensure the well-being of Diné People.”


• Admission Application – $20 New Student Application Fee

• Certificate of Indian Blood

• Official Education Transcript(s) – High School, GED, HiSET, Dual Credit, or College

• Housing Application, if living on campus


• Opportunities in higher education or K-12 education institutions in the region or nation-wide • Entrepreneurial ventures, tourism Industry and the Navajo Arts and Crafts Enterprise • Cultural preservation jobs • Opportunities to work in the motion picture industry • Opportunities in the advertising industry • Commercial art gallery manager • Community arts worker • Exhibition designer • Fine artist • Graphic designer • Higher education lecturer • Illustrator • Printmaker

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Diné College is a four-year art degree encompassing various art emphases for students who want to pursue the arts as a career choice. These include Traditional Painting, Digital Photography, Graphic Arts, Cultural Arts Silversmith, and Cultural Arts Weaving. Creative Writing is in development.

Traditional Painting: For students who want to study painting in the Western tradition.

Digital Photography: For students who want a career in fine art photography or commercial photography.

Graphic Arts: To prepare students for a professional career in graphic design.

Cultural Arts: Silversmithing, Weaving: For students who want to pursue the revitalization and commercial production of Navajo silversmithing and weaving.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts is dedicated to embedding core values of the Diné culture into its program. Specifically, cultural paradigm of Sa’ah Naaghai Bik’eh Hozhoon (SNBH) that allows individuals to effectively think and analyze critically. In addition, the paradigm emphasizes self-study and reflection on completed work. The following is a process of the Diné Educational Paradigm (DEP) as it applies to the Fine Arts:

• Nitsahakees: Thinking: The BFA degree program encourages students to utilize critical and creative thinking in creating and studying art. • Nahata: Planning: The BFA degree program encourages students to utilize planning skills in problem solving as it applies to the visual arts • Iina: Doing: The BFA degree program encourages students to develop self-discipline and independence in the learning process, also commonly referred to as T’ aa Hwo Aji T’ eego. • Siihasin: Reflecting: The BFA degree program encourages students to demonstrate reflecting
(critiquing) art work and the history of art.

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