Institutional Planning and Reporting

About Institutional Planning and Reporting (OIPR)

Established: January 6, 2014 as the Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Retitled: December 4, 2015 as the Office of Institutional Planning and Reporting

The Office of Institutional Planning and Reporting (OIPR) addresses and structures compliance reporting on behalf of the institution per federal, state, tribal, and accreditation regulations. A variety of procedures are used to collect and analyze data to report accurate data as govern by regulated deadlines throughout the academic year.


To provide access to high-quality data to invested members of the College community that will promote data-informed decision-making, maintain compliance reporting, and improve student learning outcomes by increasing data research capacity.

OIPR Strategic Goals:

Institutional Transformation – Promote effective communication and accountability.

  • To establish an institutional research function that will align and sustain institutional compliance at Diné College.

Data dashboard provides you with an overview information of Diné College such as student’s demographic, enrollment, graduation rate, retention rate and more.


Velveena Davis, M. Ed.
Executive Director
(928) 724-6846

Office and Data Entry Manager
(928) 724-6840

Point of Contact

  • Survey

Brandon Nelson
Senior Data Analyst
(928) 724-6847

Point of Contact

  • New Mexico Higher Education Enrollment Reporting
  • Program Reviews regarding student data
  • Ad Hoc Data Request
  • IPEDS Keyholder
  • SPOL Accreditation Module

Janeen Tapaha
Statistician Specialist
(928) 724-6845

Point of Contact

  • National Student Clearinghouse
    • Enrollment Verification
    • Degree Verification
    • Student Tracker
  • Achieving the Dream
    • Data Team Leader

Terrence Tso
Data Architect Specialist
(928) 724-6848

Point of Contact

  • PowerBi Dashboard Creator
  • Course Evaluation
  • Student Consumer Information Web Update
  • HLC Logo Update
  • State & Federal Reporting Compliance for NEW PROGRAMS

Mail to:
Office of Institutional Planning and Reporting
PO Box C-33
Tsaile, AZ 86556

Data Request
Internal Request Form PDF
Internal Data Request Form
Diné College IRB
Navajo Nation IRB

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