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A recent study conducted by the American Indian College Fund and Gallup, showed that most graduates of tribal colleges stay within their communities, and continue to utilize their knowledge and training to help meet the needs of their communities and tribe.

Key findings in Alumni of Tribal Colleges and Universities Better Their Communities:

  • TCU alumni are nearly two times more likely than their peers nationally to thrive in all elements of well-being.
  • TCU alumni give back to their own community. Seventy-four percent report being primarily employed in areas related to American Indian communities or tribal lands, and many work directly with their tribe.
  • TCU alumni are significantly more likely than graduates nationally to say their alma mater prepared them well for life outside of college.
  • TCU alumni benefited from their campus’ unique climate, as they are twice as likely as American Indian graduates nationally to have been supported while obtaining a degree.

Since 1968, graduates of Diné College have earned more than $3 billion dollars for the Navajo Nation and surrounding states. The economic impact of your contribution is reflected in the fact that for every dollar invested in a tribal college there is a five-dollar return.

Diné College is the Navajo Nation’s crossroads of western education and foundational Diné teaching.

Our blend of small classes, self-motivated academic programs, and indigenous philosophical perspective leads to transformative learning experiences that foster self-reliance, leadership, creative problem solving, and life-long learning. Your donation will help our students achieve a dream and contribute to the building of a nation.

At our 7 campuses, we inspire a dedicated and grounded community with a spirit of engagement, exploration, and intellectual curiosity. The college serves a predominantly Navajo student population across the 27,413 square miles of the Navajo Nation that spans across the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.