Diné College Artisans Club – Diné Artists

(Photo: Back row: Left, Melissa A. Carroll; Middle, Thomas Greyeyes; Right, Kayla Jackson. Front row: Left, Caytlynn Roanhorse; mid-left, Jordon Metteba; Middle, Sheena Wahid; mid-right, Khalid Honie; and Right, Dawn Smith. The Marketing Department took the photo on Valentine’s Day.)

Diné College Artisans Club – Diné Artists

21 February 2023

TSAILE, AZ — As Diné Artists, we like to share stories of culture, beliefs, and personal experiences. Communication is essential to human nature. Our stories are what connect us, and we begin to relate to each other.

In Diné Culture, the concept of K’é means kinship, which is something we are taught at a very young age. The same applies to making art. Having a community helps an artist be confident, grow, and use their unique voices to tell their story.

The Diné College Artisans Club was first established in September of 2023 and created by Melissa A. Carroll, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Traditional Painting major.

The goal of the Diné College Artists Club is to build a strong and lasting community of artists within Dine’ College. The Club aims to pass on the knowledge gained throughout their experience in college to first- and second-year students interested in the arts.

The types of art accepted include but are not limited to painting, drawing, graphic designs, video, photography, modeling, and cultural art such as basketry, moccasins, and silversmithing. The Club would like to bring back the zest for art in the Navajo Nation.

The Club hosted a Christmas Bazaar in December 2023 and a Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts Market in February of 2024 at Diné College Tsaile Campus. The club officers are busy at work to bring back a lost treasure called “The Art Walk,” which had been forgotten due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are plans to host workshops such as portfolio development, oil painting, clay sculptures, and more. The focus is to provide a creative space for students that would be found at other colleges around the United States.

Also, plans are to have study sessions and group discussions about the art-making process, art history, and cultural teachings for the remainder of the Spring semester.

For more information, you may contact

Melissa A. Carroll, Diné College Artisans Club, President


Chris Burnside,
Marketing & Communications Manager

Jazzmine D. Martinez, Marketing Assistant
Marketing & Communications

Dillon Nopah, Videographer

Patrick Begay,
Graphic Designer

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