Sihaasin Holdings: A New Dawn in Economic Development for Diné College

Sihaasin Holdings: A New Dawn in Economic Development for Diné College

20 October 2023

TSAILE, AZ — The Diné College Board of Regents announces the establishment of Sihaasin Holdings, a tribally owned holding company established during the Diné College Annual Meeting on October 4, 2023. The mission of the holding company is to further enhance economic opportunities and foster sustainable growth within the Navajo Nation through Diné College.

Sihaasin Holdings will serve as a key driver of economic development, strategically investing in a diverse range of industries and sectors while aligning with the college’s mission of educating, empowering, and enriching the lives of the Navajo people. The company’s name, “Sihaasin,” is a Navajo word meaning “Reflect and Reassurance,” symbolizing the company’s commitment to providing the financial resources necessary for community progress.

“The Navajo Nation is in the middle of transforming its economy, Diné College is strategically situated to assist, not only in the development of a workforce, but to also drive and develop new economies,” said Diné College President Charles Roessel.

The establishment of Sihaasin Holdings reflects the Board of Regents’ vision and dedication to expanding the impact of Diné College by contributing to the economic self-sufficiency of the Navajo Nation. Theresa Hatathlie, newly elected chair of the board said, “This bold step demonstrates the Board’s commitment to creating opportunities for the Navajo people to participate in, and benefit from, the growth of diversified industries.”

Sihaasin Holdings will operate as a vehicle for investment, portfolio diversification, and strategic partnerships, and it will play a vital role in advancing the economic landscape of the Navajo Nation.

Sihaasin Holdings will be led by a seasoned team of financial experts, and it will seek investments and partnerships across various sectors, including but not limited to education, renewable energy, technology, real estate and small business development. “This will provide our students with earning hands-on experience as they receive their degree and explore solutions to some of the challenges facing the Navajo Nation,” said Roessel.

Diné College is the first tribal college to earn a patent. From this experience, the college saw the opportunity to create a technology transfer center with the help of a grant sponsored by Senator Mark Kelly. The college did not stop there and the creation of Sihaasin is the evolution of a larger vision and an example of how Diné College addresses its goal of nation building. The founding directors are Theresa Hatalie, Greg Bigman and Clara Pratt


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