Meet our Faculty – SAHE

Karla Britton

Dr. Karla Britton, Professor

Ph.D., Harvard, History of Architecture
M.A., Columbia University, Composition. Literature
B.A., University of Colorado, History

(928) 724-6958

Debra Robinson, Instructor

M.S., Ohio University, Journalism
M.A., Ohio University, Applied Linguistics/TESOL
B.F.A., Ohio University, Theater

(928) 724-6713

Nonabah Sam

Nonabah Sam, Adjunct Faculty

University of New Mexico
(928) 724-6981

Matthew Skeet

Matthew Jake Skeet, Assistant Professor

M.F.A., Institute of American Indian Arts, Creative Writing
B.A., University of New Mexico, English & Native American Studies

(928) 724-6965

Don Whitesinger

Don Whitesinger, Associate Professor

M.A.T., Rhode Island School of Design
B.A., Arizona State University, Studio Arts
A.A., Institute of American Indian Arts, 2/D Art

(928) 724-6963

Irvin Morris

Irvin Morris, Instructor

A.B.D., State University of New York-Buffalo, American Studies/Native American Studies
M.F.A., Cornell University, Creative Writing/Fiction
B.A., University of California-Santa Cruz, Literature/Creative Writing
A.F.A., Institute of American Indian Arts, Creative Writing

(928) 724-6964

Matthew Bollinger

Matthew Bollinger, Assistant Professor

M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute, Master of Architecture, University of New Mexico
B.A., Fine Arts, University of New Mexico

(928) 724-6961

Orlando White

Orlando White, Instructor

M.F.A., Brown University, Literary Arts
B.F.A., Institute of American Indian Arts, Creating Writing
A.S., College of Eastern Utah, Liberal Arts

(928) 724-6615

Velma Hale

Velma Hale, Instructor

M.A., Northern Arizona University, Bilingual-Multicultural Education
B.S., Northern Arizona University, Secondary Education

(928) 724-6617

Gabriela Cruz

Gabriela Cruz, Professor

M.F.A, University of Texas at San Antonio, Studio Arts
B.F.A, Sam Houston State University, Studio Arts

(928) 724-6618

Robert Barraclough, Instructor

Ed.D., West Virginia University, Educational Psychology: Communication in Instruction
M.A., Brigham Young University, Communication
B.A., Boise State University, Communication

(928) 724-6966

Dr. Alysa Landry, Instructor

Ph.D., Gratz College, Holocaust and Genocide
M.F.A., Chatham University, Creative Writing
M.A., Emerson College, Journalism
B.A., Brigham Young University, Journalism

(505) 368-3661

Tuba City Campus

Jesse Maloney

Jesse T. Maloney, Assistant Professor

M.F.A., Lindenwood University, Writing
B.A., Northern Arizona University

(928) 283-5113

Dr. Janel Hinrichsen, Professor

Ph.D., University of Kansas, Education
M.A., University of Kansas, Education
B.A., University of Kansas, English

(928) 283-5113 x7522


Veronica Chee
Administrative Assistant
(928) 724-6614

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