School of Arts, Humanities and English

General Information

The Fine Arts program at Dine College offers a visual arts curriculum for students who expect to transfer to a four year program. The curriculum promotes personal development in the arts. It includes studio art courses in Ceramics, Drawing, Commercial Art, Graphics, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture, as well as in Art History and Art Education. Interested students should consult the catalogs of four year institutions that offer Bachelor of Fine Arts programs and speak with Fine Arts advisors.

The Liberal Arts Program offers students a more intensive investigation of ideas and practices in the arts, humanities, and social sciences than is required in the general education program, with an emphasis on critical inquiry and creative expression. It is designed to prepare students to transfer to four year programs of study in Liberal Arts or related degree programs in the arts, humanities and social sciences. The range of courses required in the Liberal Arts program is appropriate for all students seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree in these areas.

Meet The Instructors


Robert Barraclough, Faculty
Ed.D.,West Virginia University
928.724.6966    e-mail me

R. Matthew Bollinger, Faculty
M.Arch, University of New Mexico
M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute
928.724.6961 email-me

Karla Britton, Faculty
PhD, Harvard, History of Architecture

Emily Green, Faculty
M.A., Old Dominion University
928.724.6706    e-mail me

Velma Hale, Faculty
M.A., Northern Arizona University
928.724.6617    e-mail me

Irvin Morris, Faculty

Debra Robinson, Faculty
M.A., Ohio University
928.724.6713    e-mail me

Matthew Skeet, Faculty

Orlando White, Faculty
M.F.A., Brown University
928.724.6615    e-mail me

Sheila White, Faculty
M.A., Northern Arizona University
928.724.6619    e-mail me

Don Whitesinger, Faculty
M.A.T., Rhode Island School of Design
928.724.6963    e-mail me

Karen Willeto, Faculty
M.F.A., Eastern Michigan University
928.724.6618    e-mail me


Haesong Kwon, Faculty
Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
505.368.3661    e-mail me

Anna Walters, Faculty
MFA, Goddard College

Tuba City

Janel Hinrichsen, Faculty
Ph.D., University of Kansas
928.283.5113 x7522    e-mail me

Jesse T. Maloney, Faculty
505.368.3661   e-mail me

Dean & Contact

Dr. Paul Willeto, Dean
Ed.D., University of New Mexico
928.724.6962    e-mail me

Veronica Chee, Administrative Assistant
928.724.6614    e-mail me


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