Information Technology Policy

Diné College Information Technology (IT) Policy

The use of Information Technology is one of the keys to effective and efficient productivity, enabling staff, faculty and students to achieve their goals through all methods that are made available.

These ever-broadening capabilities allow Diné College to extend Higher Education to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend.

Information Technology at Diné College permeates every campus facility for the productivity and security of all who use it. The purpose of this policy is to establish an overall framework for guiding the growth and use of our Information Technology resources in accomplishing the broader goals of Diné College.


Diné College is the authority that grants Permission.

IT has the primary responsibility of the maintenance of the se Policies.

Applies to all users – students, staff, faculty and 3rd parties who are granted permission.

The full range of disciplinary actions is available and enforceable for violations.

Ties the IT Policy back to Personnel Policy & Procedures Manual


Introduction I Introduction
General Use Policies and Procedures
II Use of Diné College Technology Resources Policy
III Use of Diné College Technology Resources Procedure
IV Use of the Diné College Network and Data Management Systems Policy
V Use of the Diné College Network and Data Management Systems Procedures
VI Copyright Infringement Policy
Specific Use of Policies and Procedures
VII Email Usage Policy
VIII Email Usage Procedure
IX Internet Usage and Social Media Policy
X Information Technology Security Policy
XI Computer Labs Policy
XII Computer Labs Procedures
XIII Use of Diné College Computer Facilities by Third Parties Policy
Standards Policies and Procedures
XIV Software Licensing Compliance Policy
XV Software Licensing Compliance Procedures
XVI Technology Hardware and Software Acquistion Policy
XVII Technology Hardware and Software Replacement and Upgrade Policy
XVIII Printer Standardization Policy
A Definitions
B IT Policy Agreement

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Information Technology
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