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Diné College Innovation Hub

Faculty Return & Convocation
Diné College’s annual Convocation welcomes all faculty back to campus this 2022-2023 school year! Updates on the college’s progress and a warm welcome to all new or returning faculty will happen on August 8th at 8:30am.

Virtual Coffee, Conversation and Connections
Diné College (DC) is pleased to announce a new virtual way of sharing your teaching experiences with your colleagues through the Coffee and Convo Series. This Coffee and Convo Series will be held every two weeks for 1 hour per session. We hope you can turn your challenges into learning opportunities. Coffee will be readily available at the NHC Building, 3rd Floor. Topics for discussion will be provided at each date/time. Visit our “Training Calendar Page” for dates and times updated each month.

Welcome, New Faculty!
Get ready for your first semester at DC with Faculty Orientation Online. See the Faculty Onboarding page for resources.

Academic Events:

08/08/22 – Faculty Return & Convocation Week Begins

08/15/22 – Fall Semester begins

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