B.A. Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (B.A.)

The Culturally-based Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Diné College implements the Diné paradigm of Nits1h1kees (Thinking and Conceptualizing), Nahat’1 (Planning and Gathering Information), &in1 (Living and Achieving), and Siihasin (Evaluation and Competency) to provide students with both Navajo and Western psychological expertise needed to promote mental health and H0zh0 (balance) for individuals, families, and communities. This program provides courses and training that will enable students to pursue graduate studies, obtain employment and promotion in the workforce, and serve the Navajo Nation.

The 4-years program includes instruction in Navajo psychology, counseling and clinical psychology, health psychology, psychology and law, social and cultural psychology, developmental, as well as decolonization, resilience, and research in indigenous communities. This program also includes hands-on practical experience through internships, undergraduate research projects, or independent study. Students will become informed about educational and career opportunities and will create a portfolio outlining a post-graduation plan that showcases skills and knowledge. The program is offered on a full-time basis at the Tsaile Campus.

Admission criteria are as follows:

  • Completion of an A.A. in Social and Behavior (based on the College’s 2015-2016 or more recent catalog). Any other Associate degree will require students to take additional course that meets requirements of Dine College’s A.A. in Social and Behavioral Sciences.
  • Completion of the following courses
  • PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 213 Statistics
  • PSY 290 Research Methods\
  • ANT 201 Ethnographic Methods
  • ANT 225 or HST 234 or SOC 215 (Indians of the United States and North America, History of Native Americans: Pre-Contact to the Modern Age, Native Americans in American Society)
General Education Core Credits
ENG 101: Freshman English I
ENG 102: Freshman English II
Humanities and Fine Arts
Students must choose two courses from:
Art History (ARH)
English (ENG) 212, 213, 231, 233, 234, 241, 297
Fine Arts (FA)
Humanities (HUM)
Theater (THR) 101, 102
Mathematics Student must take appropriate course based on major.
MTH 110: College Algebra
MTH 114: College Mathematics
MTH 106: Survey on College Mathematics
Social and Behavioral Science
Students must choose one History (HST) 101, 102, 135, 136 course and one other course from:
Anthropology (ANT)
Sociology (SOC)
Social Work (SWO)
Social Science (SSC)
Political Science (POS)
Economics (ECO)
Psychology (PSY)
Laboratory Science
Students must choose one Life Science and one
Physical Science course both with labs from:
Life Science: BIO
Physical Science: AGR, AST, CHM, ENV, GLG, PHY, PHS
Physical Education and Health Education
PEH 122
PEH 113-148
Health Education (HEE)
HEE 110, 111, 112
Navajo Studies
One Navajo Language Course Based on Placement Test (NAV 101, 102, 201, 202, or 211)
NIS 111: Foundations of Navajo Culture and
NIS 221: Navajo History to Present 9-10
Required Core Total Students transferring may need to take additional courses to meet core requirements. 40-43
Semester I Credits
PSY 200 Decolonization and Resilience in Indigenous Communities 3
PSY 202 Career Explorations in Psychology 2
PSY 211 Introduction to Navajo Psychology 3
PSY 240 3
PSY 291 Introduction to Counseling 3
Program Credits 14
NIS 311 Introduction to Navajo Holistic Healing 3
NIS 371 Navajo Philosophy 3
PSY 241 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY 250 Social Psychology 3
PSY 255 Introduction to Physiological Psychology 3
Program Credits 15
PSY 315 Health Psychology 3
PSY 325 Psychology and Law 3
PSY 340 Child and Adolescent Development 3
PSY 350 Cultural Psychology 3
PSY 360 Drug Use and Abuse 3
Program Credits 15
PSY 413 Advanced Indigenous Research 4
PSY 497 Independent Study 4
PSY 498 Undergraduate Research 4
PSY 499 Fieldwork Experience 4
Program Credits 8
Two 200-level Navajo Language Courses
based on Placement Test
NAV 201 or 202 or 211 or 212 or 231 or 289 3 or 4
NAV 201 or 202 or 211 or 212 or 231 or 289 3 or 4
Program Credits 6-8
Degree Earned Credits
General Education 40-43
Lower Division Program Requirements 23
Upper Division Program Requirements 58-60
Total Credits Earned: 121-126
Elective (must be NAV 102 if needed for 200-level Navajo Language Course) Credits
NAV 102 or other 3
Program Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code Code Title
42.0101 Psychology, General.

Psychology B.A. Program Advisors

Tsaile/Chinle/Window Rock
Calvin Dominguez

Bruce Bradway (Psychology Faculty)

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