B.A. Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (B.A.)

The Bachelors of Arts in Business is designed to prepare students to take responsible positions in the management of economic growth with more than 500 federally recognized Native American Tribes. The focus of the degree program is Tribal Management and Economic Development.

The 4-year program includes instruction in business management, accounting and financial management, human resources management, economics and business law (Federal, State and Tribal) designed to train students to promote the economic well-being of their respective tribal communities.

The program is offered on a full-time basis at the Tsaile Campus. Individuals may apply at any time of the year but are formally considered in spring. The application deadline is June 1. This allows for an admission decision prior to the Navajo Nation Scholarship deadline.

A student may be admitted to years 1 (freshman), 2 (sophomore) or 3 (junior) based on their academic record. Admission requirements are one of the following:

  • An A.A. degree in Business Administration for junior level.
  • Any other Associate degree will require students to take additional courses that meets Diné College’s A.A. in Business Administration requirements and placed in the sophomore level, or
  • High school diploma with a CGPA of 2.5 or higher, and GED with equivalent grade, and eligible to be placed in ENG 101 and MTH 110 will be admitted as a freshman.

Professional Preparation Coursework

General Education Core Credits
ENG 101: Freshman English I
ENG 102: Freshman English II
Humanities and Fine Arts
Students must choose two courses from:
Art History (ARH)
English (ENG) 212, 213, 231, 233, 234, 241, 297
Fine Arts (FA)
Humanities (HUM)
Theater (THR) 101, 102
Mathematics Student must take appropriate course based on major.
MTH 110: College Algebra
MTH 114: College Mathematics
MTH 106: Survey on College Mathematics
Social and Behavioral Science
Students must choose one History (HST) 101, 102, 135, 136 course and one other course from:
Anthropology (ANT)
Sociology (SOC)
Social Work (SWO)
Social Science (SSC)
Political Science (POS)
Economics (ECO)
Psychology (PSY)
Laboratory Science
Students must choose one Life Science and one
Physical Science course both with labs from:
Life Science: BIO
Physical Science: AGR, AST, CHM, ENV, GLG, PHY, PHS
Physical Education and Health Education
PEH 122
PEH 113-148
Health Education (HEE)
HEE 110, 111, 112
Navajo Studies
One Navajo Language Course Based on Placement Test (NAV 101, 102, 201, 202, or 211)
NIS 111: Foundations of Navajo Culture and
NIS 221: Navajo History to Present 9-10
Required Core Total Students transferring may need to take additional courses to meet core requirements. 40-43
Lower Division  Requirements 24 Credits
ACC 200 Financial Accounting 3
ACC 201 Managerial Accounting 3
BUS 204 Business Law 3
BUS 265 Statistical Analysis for Business 3
BUS 270 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
CIS 111 Introduction to Computers 3
ECO 201 Principles of Microeconomics 3
MKT 240 Marketing 3
ACC 350 Finance 3
BUS 350 Business Professional Ethics 3
MGT 330 Tourism and Hospitality Management 3
MGT 340 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 360 Principles of Management 3
Program Credits 15
ACC 310 Government and Non-Profit Accounting 3
BUS 340 Technical and Grants Writing 3
BUS 360 Business of Gaming Industry 3
MGT 320 Tribal Governments and Management 3
MGT 350 Human Resources Management 3
Program Credits 15
BUS 460 Tribal and Federal Laws 3
MGT 420 Tribal Enterprises and Entrepreneurship 3
MGT 440 Project Management 3
MKT 420 Public Relations 3
MKT 430 Quality Management 3
Program Credits 15
BUS 480 Internship 3
CIS 420 Management Information Systems 3
ECO 460 Tribal Economic Issues and Development Strategies 3
MGT 450 Strategic Management 3
MGT 460 Tribal Leadership Challenges 3
Program Credits 15
Degree Earned Credits
General Education 40-43
Lower Division Program Requirements 24
Upper Division Program Requirements 60
Total Credits Earned: 124-127

*Choose one Life Science with lab from BIO; and one Physical Science with lab from: AGR, AST, CHM, ENV, GLG, PHY or PHS on the Associate of Science Degree Checklist.

Program Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code
Code Title
52.0201 Business Administration and Management, General.


Micheal Lerma, Ph.D.
School Dean
(928) 724-6975

Irene J. Alva
Administrative Assistant
(928) 724-6621

(928) 724-6621
(928) 724-6625

Ned Hatathlii Center (NHC)
Tsaile Campus

Mail to:
Diné College: School of Business and Social Science
P. O. Box 25-C
Tsaile, AZ 86556

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