Meet our Faculty

Michael Lerma, Associate Professor

School Dean, Tsaile Campus
(928) 724-6975

Christine M.W. Ami, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Tsaile Campus
(928) 724-6616

Ph.D., University of California, Davis – Native American Studies
M.A., University of Maryland, College Park – Latin American Literature
B.A., Rowan University – Spanish, Secondary Language, K-12 Education

Grant Manger
Navajo Cultural Arts Program

Bruce M. Bradway, Associate Professor

Tsaile Campus
(928) 724 – 6620

Ph.D., Walden University – Academic Psychology
M.A., University of Northern Colorado – Psychology, Guidance, and Counseling
M.S., Troy University – International Relations
B.A., Wabash College – English
A.A.S., Community College of the Air Force – Medical Laboratory Technology

Miranda Haskie, Professor

Tsaile Campus
(928) 724-6715

E.d. E., Fielding Graduate University – Educational Leadership & Change
M.A., New Mexico State University – Sociology
B.A., Fort Lewis College, Bicultural Studies B.A., University of New Mexico, Sociology
A.A., Diné College, Navajo Language

Brian King, Associate Professor

Tuba City Campus
(928) 283-5113 or ext 7524

Ph.D., University of New Mexico, Albuquerque – Histroy – U.S./U.S. West and Frontiers and Borderlands
M.A., New Mexico State University, Las Cruces – History – U.S. West
B.A., University of Texas, Austin – History – Native American

Gregory I. Redhouse, Assistant Professor
Tsaile Campus

Ph.D., University of Arizona, American Indian Studies
M.A., University of Arizona, American Indian Studies
M.A., University of Arizona, Higher Education
B.A., University of Arizona, Political Science

Patrick Blackwater

Patrick Blackwater, Assistant Professor

M.G.M., Arizona State University, Global Management
M.S., Grand Canyon University, Leadership
B.A., Grand Canyon University, Business Management

Jeremiah W. Barber, Instructor

M.A., Argosy University, Forensic Psychology
B.A., University of New Mexico, Psychology

Marilyn Begay, Assistant Professor

Ph.D., New Mexico State University, Philosophy
M.S., University of New Mexico, Counseling
B.S., University of New Mexico, American Studies

Marius Begay, Instructor

M.A., Northern Arizona University, History
B.A., Northern Arizona University, History
(928 ) 724-6626

James E. Denney, Instructor

M.B.A. University of Guam, Business Administration
B.B.A. University of Guam, Finance and Economics
(928) 724-6709

Manasseh C. Begay, Instructor

M.S.W., New Mexico Highlands University, Social Work
B.L.A., University of New Mexico, Liberal Arts
MSW, New Mexico Highlands University
(505) 368-3664

Juanita Fraley, Associate Professor

M.B.A., Gonzaga University, Business Administration
B.A., University of Northern Colorado, Business Teacher Education
B.S. University of Northern Colorado, Office Administration
(505) 368-3670

King Mike, Jr., Instructor

M.B.A., University of Southern California
B.A., Fort Lewis College, Business Administration
(505) 368-3673

Gloria G. Price, Instructor

M.V.E., Northern Arizona University, Vocational Education
B.S., Northern Arizona University, Vocational Education
B.A., Northern Arizona University, Business Administration
(505) 368-3671

Rosalind Smith, Assistant Professor

MAcc, University of Phoenix, Accountancy
B.S., Southern Utah University, Accountancy
A.S., College of Eastern Utah, Business Administration