Registration Information

Registration is conducted at the Tsaile and Shiprock campuses and at regional sites. Students are encouraged to pre-register each semester. During registration, students are assigned an academic advisor to provide guidance on academic programs of study and enrollment. Students are not permitted to attend classes or participate in class activities unless they are officially admitted.


Faculty Returns Aug 13
Staff/Faculty Convocation, Tsaile Campus Aug 14
Student Orientation Aug 15
On-Site Registration Aug 16-17
Residence Halls Open Aug 19
Instruction Begins Aug 20
Late Registration Aug 21
Last Day to ADD Classes Aug 24
Labor Day (Holiday) Sept 03
Last Day to Drop/Withdraw without “W” Sept 07
Intercampus Day, Shiprock (No Classes, Read/Study Day) Oct 05
Midterm Exam Week (8 weeks) Oct 08-12
Last Day Registration for (2nd 8 week w/ Fee) Oct 15
Midterm Grades Due Oct 15
Last Day to Drop/Withdraw with “W” Oct 19
Spring 2019Registration Begins Oct 22
Last day for Instructor Drops Nov 16
Thanksgiving Day (Holiday) Nov 22
Diné Family Day (Holiday) Nov 23
Last Day of Instruction Nov 30
Final Exam Week (16 weeks) Dec 03-07
Final Exam Grades Due Dec 10
Last Day for Spring 2019 Early Registration Dec 20
Student Holiday Break Dec 10-Jan 11
Winter Break Campus Closure Dec 21-Jan 02

NOTE: Final grades are posted after each session at all locations 

Billing of Tuition and Fees
Billing of tuition and fees occur at the time of registration. Diné College accepts cash, money orders, VISA or Master Card debit and credit cards only. Payments must be made to the Cashier. The Finance Office also accepts debit or credit payments over the phone. The college does not accept personal checks. Students with a student account balance in excess of $150.00 are not allowed to register. Students must have a zero balance to enroll in courses, obtain official transcripts, diplomas, or certificate of degrees. Unofficial transcripts are free of charge. Students must pay all tuition and fees in full for each semester.

Financial Aid & Scholarships
Non-cash paying students must have a Financial Aid Award Notification to be eligible for a deferment for their tuition and fees and to charge their books.

Library Access
All students must obtain a library card which will give them access to services at the college library.

Placement Tests
Diné College requires all new students to take the reading, writing, and math placement tests prior to or during registration. Students are expected to accept the course placement indicated by their tests scores. However, if students feel they should be placed into a higher course, they may challenge the tests before registering for classes.

Student Activity Fee
Students registering at the Shiprock,Tsaile Campuses and Tuba City Center are charged a $25.00 student activity fee which is non-refundable.

Warrior ID
All Dine’ College students are entitled to a WarriorID and it is highly recommended that the student obtain one as soon as they register. A WarriorID is a login and password that student will use to:
• Access Diné College Computers
• Use Diné College e-mail account
• Take online classes through Diné College’s online learning systems
• Access portions of the Dine’ College website which are restricted to Students, such as grades and financial aid.

Office of Registrar

Director of Enrollment Management

Priscilla Leonard


Louise Litzin

Assistant Registrar

LA Jim

Administrative Assistant

Wanda Secatero


Janet Smith


Office of Registrar
One Stop Shop, Student Union Building
Tsaile Campus

Shiprock Office of Records and Admissions
Julia Begay (505) 368-3622
Office: Shiprock South Student Success Center 105

Chinle Contact Cathy L. Bahe 
M.A., Northern Arizona University
DC Extension: 7101

Crownpoint Contact Johanna Silago
DC Extension: 7201

Tuba City Contact Phyllis Begay
M.Ed., Northern Arizona University
DC Extension: 7501

Window Rock Contact Grace Boyne
DC Extension: 7603


Tsaile: 928.724.6630

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am to 5pm
Sat, Sun and Holidays: Closed

Office of Registrar
PO Box C-04
Tsaile, AZ 86556