All incoming freshmen and transfer students are required to meet with a professional advisor at the Student Success Center before registering for classes. Returning and continuing students can meet with either a professional advisor (if the student has less than 32 credit hours) or a faculty advisor (if the student has more than 32 credit hours). See Advisor or Faculty Assignments link to find out which advisor is assigned to your major.


Academic Advising is a collaborative relationship between the student and the advisor (professional or faculty). Using the Diné Educational philosophy, advisors and program coordinators at Diné College will assist students in developing meaningful educational and life goals, guide students to understand and complete their program of study, and encourage students to think critically, seek resources, and develop action plans to achieve their goals.
Diné College advisors will fulfills its mission by using the Sa’ah Naaghái Bik’eh Hozhoo (SNBH) principle as a framework to educate its students, from Nitsáhákees (Thinking), Nahat’á (Planning), Iiná (Living) to Siihasin (Assuring).


Advisors and program coordinators are expected to:

  • Utilize multiple advising methods and student information systems (e.g. Jenzabar EX and Who’s Next) to serve students.
  • Assist students with academic goal setting and career planning.
  • Interpret Accuplacer and Navajo Language Placement test scores and place students in appropriate courses.
  • Conduct new student orientations and educational programming, and
  • Follow the handbook, policies, and procedures.

Advisors are strongly encouraged to periodically meet with their advisees to review progress towards educational goals or to provide assistance in all aspects of the college experience.
Advising sessions are to be kept confidential per the FERPA law (see FERPA below). It is not necessary to make an appointment to see an advisor, but it is encouraged, especially during peak hours (early registration, meeting deadlines, etc.)


Primary Advisors

Primary advisors are faculty advisors who advise students in their major area of study. Faculty advisors are listed as “Primary Advisors” in Jenzabar EX. Faculty advisors have set office hours within their departments. They work collaboratively with the Director of the Advising and Retention to provide advising services to students who have earned 32+ credit hours. Primary advisors will receive advising training sessions from the Advising and Retention department to ensure consistency.

Secondary Advisors

Secondary advisors are: Academic Advisors, First Year Experience Coordinator, and Second Year Experience Coordinator. Secondary advisors will advise students up to 32 credit hours. Advisors at the two campuses (Tsaile and Shiprock) are assigned advisees based on advisees’ area of study. Center advisors advise all students enrolled at the center, unless a different advising structure is assigned. Online students are assigned an advisor from the main campus. Note: online courses are delivered from the main campus. Secondary advisors will receive formal training/orientation during the probationary period and then on-going professional development thereafter.

Specialty Advisors

Specialty advisors are: Peer Mentor Coordinator, Disability Coordinator, Counselor, College Success Coordinator, and Transfer/Career Specialist. The Peer Mentor Coordinator supports students academically and socially with the assistance of Peer Mentors. The Disability Coordinator assists students who disclosed their documented disabilities and provides appropriate resources. The Counselor helps students with prevention and intervention and periodically advises students through a referral process. Specialty advisors are not assigned advisees in Jenzabar EX. Specialty advisors will receive advising training sessions from the Advising and Retention department to ensure consistency.


Si’ah Naghai Bik’eh Hozho bil alhii’ silaago nihe’olta’i be’olta’ doo be’ohoo’aah bil hwiit’aal yinahji’ binaanish yee iina iidooliil.
Embracing Si’ah Naghai Bik’eh Hozho (SNBH), the Academic Advising department provides a student-centered environment to promote academic success, personal growth, and career development.


Academic Advisors at Diné College will adhere to key principles of SNBH (Nitsáhákees, Nahat’á, Iiná and Siih hasin) and the Core Competencies of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA). Academic advising is a partnership between a student and an academic advisor. The purpose of advising is to help students develop meaningful educational goals that are consistent with their personal and cultural values, interests, and abilities.


The advising model at Dine’ College implements the Diné educational paradigm, Si’ah Naghai Bik’eh Hozho.

Retention and Advising Contact

Oliver Tapaha (Naakai Dine’é; Honágháahnii),Director of Retention and Advising

Student Success
Tsaile Campus
Tsaile, Az. 86556

Call: 928-724-6867

Mail to:
Oliver Tapaha
One Circle Drive
Tsaile, AZ 86556