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The courses offered through the Social and Behavioral Sciences division prepares students who are planning to go into a profession related to any social and behavioral science discipline, including Anthropology, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, or Social Work. The courses also enhance the applications of Social and Behavioral Science Principles in everyday life.

SBS AA Degree
The Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) promotes academic foundations for transferring to a university or four year college. Students may also choose to continue their education at Diné College where they can pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Psychology.

Psychology BA Degree
The Psychology BA program offered through the SBS division includes instruction in Navajo psychology, counseling and clinical psychology, health psychology, psychology and law, social and cultural psychology, developmental psychology, as well as decolonization, resilience, and research in indigenous communities. This program also includes hands-on practical experience through internships, undergraduate research projects, or independent study. This degree program will enable students to pursue graduate studies, obtain employment and promotion in the workforce, and serve the Navajo Nation. For more information about the Psychology BA degree, click here for the Psychology BA Information and Orientation packet.

Video Links:

Psychology Lecture Series Raymond Austin, J.D., Ph.D. Navajo Courts (history and present), Navajo Customary Law, and Navajo Peacemaking

Graduate School Workshop, contact SBS Chair Sara Kien at skien@dinecollege.edu to request Graduate School Handouts.

Psychology Lecture Series Bonnie Duran, Fransing Daisy, and Elvina Charley:

Social Work AA Degree
The Social Work program offered through the SBS division improves skills, knowledge, and predispositions needed for becoming a technician or para-professional in a social welfare program. It enables transferring to a university or a four year college. Some courses are equivalent to a third year or fourth year college level course. Students who plan to transfer to a university or a four year college should check with that institution when selecting Social Work courses. If students are interested in pursuing a graduate degree (a Master's degree or a PhD) in Social Work, one option is to complete the Psychology BA program because a Psychology BA degree can serve as a foundation for pursuing graduates studies in Social Work.

Click here to download The Social and Behavioral Sciences Writing Handbook.

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Christine M.W. Ami, Faculty
C.Phil, University of California, Davis
(928) 724-6616    e-mail me

Miranda Haskie, Faculty
Ed.D., Fielding Graduate School
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Marius Begay, Faculty
M.A., Northern Arizona University
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Sara J. Kien, Faculty, Psychology BA Program Coordinator
Ph.D., Northwestern University
(928) 724-6624    e-mail me

Bruce Bradway, Faculty
Ph.D., Walden University
(928) 724-6620    e-mail me

Tuba City

Brian S. King, Faculty
Ph.D., University of New Mexico
(928) 283-5113 or ext 7524    e-mail me

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Irene J. Alva, Administrative Assistant
A.A.S., Diné College
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