Communications and Marketing



Marie R. Etsitty Nez
Vice President of Government Affairs & Public Relations

Ed McCombs, Senior Marketing Officer

Vale Adakai, Media Specialist

Bernie Dotson, Public Relations Officer

LA Williams, Radio Talent / Programing

Jerry Jim, Radio Engineer


  • Promoting initiatives designed to enhance the relationship between the College and various governments and local community agencies.
  • Coordinating the marketing projects to promote the College to prospective students.
  • Communicating and maintaining a strong online voice using various online marketing tools.


Vice President

  • Serves as a liaison and represents Diné College at Navajo Nation Council Sessions and State legislative sessions, Federal agencies in support of the approved institutional initiatives.
  • Coordinates the initiative to improve the Diné College’s various governmental public relations
  • Assist in the design of initiatives to enhance relations between the College and various local governments and community agencies, as appropriate using marketing and communications tools.

Senior Marketing Officer

  • Serves as the College’s official photographer.
  • Collaborates with others in creating marketing products.
  • Assist in the layout and design of the products including the College’s annual report, poster calendar, event programs and advertisements, general catalog, and brochures.
  • Supervises the College’s personnel responsible for updating the College’s website. 

Media Specialist

  • Assist in webpage content updates for the front-end Diné College homepage that includes news, information content and campus events.
  • Assist in posting and contributioning to social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube.
  • Coordinates the video production and editing.
  • Assist and works with the communications team to create video products.

KXWR Radio Station Coordinator

  • Maintains the KXWR radio station.