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About Diné College Land Grant Office

Welcome to Diné College Land Grant Office. We are proud to promote and share our extension education programs with you. Over the past five years we have been working diligently to expand and improve our community outreach services in youth development and rangeland, farming, and livestock management.

Several programs that we are proud of are, beef cattle reproduction seminars, range monitoring, environmental youth camps, illegal dumping workshops, and school presentations.

Our office is located at the Diné College, Tsaile Campus on the west end of campus near the Land Grant Demonstration Farm or Rodeo Ground. We welcome you to visit us at our office to discuss concerns about your farm, ranch, and/or livestock. We also encourage you to present new ideas to improve our programs and establish new programs that are not readily available.

In 1994, Diné College was given Land Grant Institution Status through U.S. Congress. The Land Grant Office (LGO) was created in 1996 by the Board of Regents to administer the United States Land Grant mission and goals. Through funding from United States Department of Agriculture Nation Institute for Food and Agriculture the LGO plans, designs and develops culturally-based informal education by teaching, implementing research and establishing extension programs pertinent to the Navajo stakeholders.

Through the alignment of the USDA Land Grant Mission and the Dine College Mission, the Diné College Land Grant Office will provide technical service and outreach to Navajo Ranchers, Farmers, Families and Youth to reconnect to the Land, Language and culture by embracing the core values and preserving the natural recourse to ensure connection to the way of life of the Navajo People.

  • To initiate, develop, organize and coordinate local community based projects that improve economic development, natural environmental resources, agriculture, and livestock.
  • To partner with Diné College Departments to develop academic curricula that will prepare College students for careers in these fields and provide professional advancement opportunities for staff, faculty and community members, and provide student recruitment and retention.
  • To ensure the health and well-being of Diné land, water, resources, economy, community and lifeways by prompting culturally relevant approaches to restoration, renewal, and sustainability in every endeavor and to disseminate the information.
  • To establish partnerships at all levels with governments, public agencies, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and private entities in order to pursue funding, conduct and implement projects, present educational events, carry out research, and engage in other activities that serve the Navajo people.

The Diné College LGO consists of five personnel and operates on 100% grant funding. The United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Tribal College Program allows Diné College to compete for grant funding in Extension, Research and Equity. Along with those funding, an endowment is allocated to Diné College due to its Tribal College Land Grant status.


Land Grant Office employee ten or more Dine College students year round fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students are to maintain a 2.0 G.P.A. or higher and be enrolled in classes must total 12 credit hours. Complete a Student Employment Application, Resume, Copy of Academic Transcripts, and Current Class Schedule with Dine College Human Resources Office on the 2nd floor of the Ned Hatathlie Center, Tsaile, AZ.

Students are involved in research, 4-H Youth Development, and community outreach on the Navajo Nation. Each student is conducting research projects to host workshops in their communities and on Diné College campus, which all relate to agriculture.

Picture of 2016 Land Grant Internship Program


Benita Litson
(928) 724-6940

Diné College Land Grant Office
P.O. Office C01
Tsaile, AZ 86556

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