Athletics About

Diné College will pursue to captivate student athletes who will accomplish in academics and athletics.

Diné College will provide a learning environment for student athletes to expand their academic and social leadership skills.

  • To comply with all institutional, USCAA, NIRA, and USAA regulations pertaining to an athlete’s eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics.
  • To encourage the academic success of all student athletes.
  • To create a positive academic atmosphere for student athletes by making available counseling and tutoring.
  • To promote wellness through a sound conditioning program as well as pre-season physicals and careful attention to illness and injury.
  • To optimize the marketing of the athletic department in an effort to enhance its image.

Integrity – We are devoted to the highest sense of integrity surrounding every aspect of our behavior as representatives of Diné College. We strive for high moral character, honor, respect, and honesty in all our actions.

Education – We will educate each student athlete with quality academics, competitive, leadership, and social experiences to build a sense of responsibility and foster an appreciation for life-long learning.

Respect – We will honor a climate of mutual respect and diversity by recognizing each individual’s contribution to the team.

Traditions – We will build upon our traditions that have been developed throughout our proud history.

Community – We serve as role models, mentors, and leaders seeking not only to teach others but also to learn from their diverse experiences. We take pride in creating and fostering life-enhancing relationships, which lead to a strong and vibrant community.

Pride – We are beneficiaries of a rich and living tradition forged by all the efforts of all those who have come before us. Our personal and team triumphs add to the growing pride that we share at Diné College.

Please click here to see our EADA information.

The Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool is brought to you by the office of Postsecondary Education of the U.S. Department of Education. This analysis-cutting tool was designed to provide rapid customized reports for public inquiries relating to equity in athletic data. The data are drawn from the OPE Equity in Athletics Disclosure Website database. This database consists of athletics data that are submitted annually as required by the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA), via a web-based data collection, by all co-educational postsecondary institutions that receive Title IV funding (i.e., those that participate in federal student aid programs) and that have intercollegiate athletics program.

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