B.S. Secondary Education Science – SDSE

Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, Science (B.S.)

The Bachelors of Science in Secondary Education, Science Track, along with Math Track (separate New Program Request) is a classic and also innovative program of science secondary education. Courses include Diné College specialized course in education and science, and also standard required course in secondary teacher preparation and science disciplines. In science, the course survey a wide range of disciplines, including math, physics, chemistry, and geology. In biology, courses use the new BS in Biology coursework, including molecular and cellular, organismal, and ecological levels of biology. The theoretical knowledge and skills taught in this program will allow students to enter teaching careers or graduate programs or variety of professional careers.

The BS in Secondary Education at Diné College will have two tracts, a math track and a science track. The Science Track is designed as a four-your curriculum for students entering as freshmen. Students entering as sophomores or juniors will to make sure the fundamental requirements for the program are met: BIO 181/182, CHM 151/152, CHM 235, PHY 110; MTH 190 (pre-calculus) and MTH 213 (statistics), or MTH 191 (calculus)

Four Year BS Secondary Education, Science Track:

This curriculum for entering freshmen includes all biology, math and science support, and general education requirements. In the summer preceding first year it is recommend a student take MTH 096 and/or 100, tested out of or passed prior or MTH 110. This program follows Northern Arizona University (NAU) standards in Secondary Education in Biology with a few exceptions. Outcomes align with Standards from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, the National Science Teachers Association, and the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium.

Freshman Semester I Credits
BIO 181 General Biology I 4
CHM 151 General Chemistry I 5
ENG 101 Freshman English I 3
MTH 110 College Algebra 4
EDU 297 Practicum in Education 1
Program Credits 17
Freshman SEMESTER II Credits
BIO 182 General Biology II 4
CHM 152 General Chemistry II 4
ENG 102 Freshman English II 3
EDU 352 Methods Teaching Diné Educational Philosophy in B – 12 School 3
EDU 240 Introduction to Special Education 3
Program Credits 17
Sophomore SEMESTER III Credits
NIS 111 Foundation of Navajo Culture 3
CHM 230 Fundamental of Organic Chemistry 4
MTH 190 Pre-Calculus 4
GLG 101 Indigenous Physical Geology 4
EDU 353 Diversity in Navajo and American Indian Education 3
Program Credits 18
Sophomore SEMESTER IV Credits
NIS 221 Navajo History to Present 3
BIO 223 Vertebrate Zoology 4
NAV Language Elective 4
HST History Elective 3
EDU 361 Methods for Language Diverse Students I 3
Program Credits 17
Junior SEMESTER I Credits
BIO 305 Writing in Biology 1
BIO 326 Ecology 4
MTH 213 Statistics 4
PHY 110 Algebra-based Physic I 4
EDU 362 Integrated Teaching Methods for Bilingual/ESL Classroom I 3
Program Credits 16
Junior SEMESTER Ii Credits
BIO 344 Cellular and Molecular Biology 3
BIO 372 Revolutionary Thought in Biology 3
EDU 475 Methods for Language Diverse Students II 3
Humanities and Fine Arts General Education 3
Social Behavioral Science Elective 3
Program Credits 15
Senior SEMESTER III Credits
BIO 415 Plant Taxonomy 4
BIO 435 Evolutionary Biology 4
EDU 476 SEI/ESL for Linguistically Diverse Learners in Bilingual Settings 3
EDU 477 Integrated Elementary Teaching Methods II 3
Physical or Health Education General Education 3
Program Credits 17
Senior SEMESTER IV Credits
EDU 498 Student Teaching 8
EDU 499 Diné Education Seminar 2
EDU 496 School Law 2
Humanities and Fine Arts General Education 3
Program Credits 15
Degree Earned Credits
Lower Division Program Requirements 69
Upper Division Program Requirements 63
Total Credits Earned: 132
Program Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) Code Code Title
13.1316 Science Teacher Education/General Science Teacher Education.


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