B.A. Diné Studies – Diné Studies Track

“Rooted in Diné language and culture, Our mission is to advance quality post-secondary student learning and development to ensure the well-being of Diné People.”

About Diné Studies Track

Established in 2018, the Bachelor of Arts in Diné Studies fulfills the founders’ vision that Diné College would be a premier institution providing education to perpetuate and sustain the Diné language and culture. Since its foundation in 1968 as the first tribally-controlled higher education institution, Diné College has been focused on creating opportunities for in-depth learning of Diné culture, language, and to reaffirm Diné identity. The Bachelors of Arts in Diné Studies plays a crucial role in this effort.

Graduates in Diné Studies will apply their unique Diné knowledge, thought, language and culture to all aspects of their daily lives, including family and community. However, the Bachelor of Arts in Diné Studies also provides pathways for graduates to further academic studies and/or professional career options in a diverse array of fields. The central purpose of Diné Studies is to nurture students and graduates to possess the skills and knowledge to address professional situations by uniquely applying Diné perspectives.

Not only does the Diné Studies program prepare graduates for professional careers, but it also helps to meet the diverse needs of the Navajo Nation in the following areas: Leadership; Diné Language Communications; Government and Law; Animal Husbandry and Medicine; Family and Social Issues; Protection and Stewardship of Diné Cultural Knowledge; Public Health and Wellness; Archaeology and Anthropology; Diné Culture and Language Education; Agriculture and Natural Resources; Tribal Sovereignty; and as well as others.

Why study at Diné College?

  • The baccalaureate degree in Dine Studies degree aims to produce graduates highly proficient in the spoken Diné language, cultural teachings, and ways-of-thought, who embody these ways-of-being.
  • Produce graduates who are well-prepared and committed to revitalization and renormalization of Diné language and cultural teaching in all areas of Diné society for generations to come.
  • Close to home, family, and cultural practices.
  • Affordable cost of attendance.

Admissions Requirements

To be admitted to the program, students must meet the following admission requirements:

  • Complete General Admissions Application
  • $20 New Student Application Fee
  • Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Official Education Transcript(s) – High School, GED, HISET, Dual Credit, or College
  • Housing Application, if living on campus
  • Admission is contingent upon program admissions acceptance

Program Application Process

  • Must have Associate’s of Arts in Diné Studies with a 2.5 cum. GPA
  • AA degrees from other institutions will be considered on a case by case basis
  • Submit completed program admissions application to School of Diné Studies and Education; include all copies of unofficial college transcripts
  • Schedule an appointment to complete a timed essay; must be written in Navajo
  • Schedule an appointment to complete admissions interview with Navajo Language faculty

Job Prospects

  • Diné Studies educator
  • Leadership: council delegate, chapter officer, etc.
  • Technical writer
  • Hataałii (ceremonial practitioners)
  • Community service provider
  • Teacher/lecturer
  • Ecologist/forester
  • Law enforcement policy analyst/advisor
  • Counseling
  • Linguist
  • Curriculum developer, social service provider
  • Farmer/agriculturalist
  • Historian
  • Attorney/lawyer/legal advocate/peacemaker
  • Non-profit organization
  • Public administrator
  • Botanist
  • Curriculum developer
  • Community development coordinator
  • Environmental Advisor
  • Public health representative
  • Hospitality/tourism industry; Interpretation
  • Museum and archive historic preservation
  • Journalism
  • Media production
  • Navajo Nation and agency royalty
  • Navajo medical doctor
  • Navajo scientific researcher


G. OJ A. Vecenti, Faculty

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