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Diné College Artisans Club – Diné Artists

TSAILE, AZ — As Diné Artists, we like to share stories of culture, beliefs, and personal experiences. Communication is essential to human nature. Our stories are what connect us, and we begin to relate to each other…….


Diné College AIHEC Team Prepares for the 2024 Student Conference

TSAILE, AZ — The Diné College team of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) convened to begin preparations for the upcoming participation in the 2024 AIHEC Student Conference. The conference, themed “Honoring ……

DC Rodeo

The Diné College Rodeo Team Seeking Members

TSAILE, AZ — The Diné College Rodeo Team gathered for their second meeting this Spring Semester today at the college cafeteria. Athletic Manager Brandon Begaye announced they are recruiting new members and emphasized the distinctive nature of rodeo as a sport…….