Diné College Shiprock Locations

Shiprock North Campus

Physical Address: 1228 Yucca Street
Physical Location: West of Northern Navajo Medical Center/IHS

Shiprock – Office location: Shiprock North Campus

Shiprock South Campus

Physical Address: Hwy 64 and N570
Physical Location: East of Shiprock High School and South of NTUA

Shiprock – South Campus


Administrative Assistant
Charlotte Topaha (505)368-3540
Office: North Campus, Room 105

Office of Records and Admissions
Julia Begay (505) 368-3622
Office: South Campus, Student Success Center Room 105

Office of Student Recruitment
Esther Paul (505) 368-3631
Office: South Campus Classroom Building Room 106

Student Support Services/Learning Center
Thomas Bennett (505) 368-3629
Office Location: Student Success Center

Senator John Pinto Library
Darwyn C. Henderson: (505) 368-3644
Office Location: Senator John Pinto Library

Director of Projects
Delbert Paquin (505)368-3542

Department of Human Resources
(928) 724-6603

North Campus Security
Office: (505) 368-3521 / 3517
Cell: (505) 406-6511
Office: North Campus, Room 99

South Campus Security
Office: (505) 368-3615
Cell: (505) 809-0205
Office: South Classroom Building Room 205

Mailing Address
PO Box 580, Shiprock, NM 87420

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