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General Information

The School of Arts and Humanities has the Fine Arts, Humanities, and English curriculum programs. The school also has oversight of the Dual Credit program, Diné College Museum, and Chinle Community Center.

Degree Programs:

The School of Arts and Humanities offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program for students who want to make it their career choice. Students can receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree when they complete their studies. The curriculum promotes personal development in the arts. It includes studio art courses in Ceramics, Drawing, Commercial Art, Graphics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles, and Silversmithing, as well as in Art History and Art Education.

The English and Humanities curriculum programs support the Diné College general education program institution wide. Currently, there are no English or Humanities bachelor degree programs. There may be bachelor degree programs in English in the near future. Diné College will not offer reading and writing remedial programs beginning fall 2020 semester.

Oversight Programs

Dual Credit Program

The Diné College Dual Credit program works with local K-12 school districts. The Dual Credit program offers general education and some degree program courses to high school seniors who meet and qualify for Diné College curriculum standards. Dual Credit enrollment fluctuates semester to semester. Diné College Dual Credit program currently has ten Memorandum of Understanding with ten K-12 school districts. For more information about the Dual Credit program, contact the Dual Credit Director, Francetta, at (928) 724-6921/6922.

Diné College Museum:

Diné College Museum is located in the Ned Hataałii Center, and houses various Indian collections, offers tours for community members, sponsors speaking and art events. The museum collection is located on the fourth floor of the Ned Hataałii Center. For more information about the museum, contact the Museum Coordinator, Nonabah Sam, at (928) 724-6981/6982.

Dean & Contact

Dr. Karla Britton
Dean of School of Arts & Humanities, Professor
(928) 724-6958

Veronica Chee, Administrative Assistant

Shaina A. Nez, BFA Program Coordinator

SAHE Information
Mail To:
School of Arts and Humanities
P.O. Box C23
Tsaile, AZ 86556


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