Dual Credit Program

About our Dual Credit Program

High school students can get an early start by earning college credits through our Dual Credit Program while still attending high school. Courses offered through Diné College vary from Navajo Language to Mathematics to Freshman English.

The dual credit courses may be taught on a Diné College campus or on a high school campus. The high school courses are aligned with the Diné College curricula. Dual credit students earn college credit immediately upon successful course completion.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment:

  • Access to College Resources: Students are official college students with full access to services offered by Diné College. Resources include use of Student Success Programs, Academic Support, Library Resources, Gym Facilities, and Computer Labs at all campuses and centers.
  • Transferability: Dual credit courses are fully transferable to New Mexico and Arizona colleges and universities and generally transferable to other colleges and universities throughout the United States. Since classes align with Diné College curricula, therefore courses articulate with New Mexico and Arizona colleges and universities.
  • Convenient: Courses are taught at the high school campuses or at Diné College campuses depending on the individual high school arrangements.
  • Close to Home: Students learn what college professors expect while still in familiar surroundings.
  • Affordable: Course costs are basically free or substantially less than taking courses at many colleges and universities.
  • Student Success: Successful completion of college level courses helps the student in making a transition to a college campus later. The student will have acquired the confidence to succeed academically and personally in college.
Diné College Campus


Dual Credit Program Director
Francetta Begaye

Dual Credit Specialist
Erica Johnson

Director of External Campuses
Winifred Jumbo
B.A., Brown University

Tuba City Center Director
Phyllis Begay
M.Ed., Northern Arizona University
(928) 283-5113
DC Extension: 7501

Window Rock Coordinator
Nicolas J. Begaye
(928) 871-2230
DC Extension: 7603

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