New Students

Diné College Mission

Rooted in Diné language and culture, our mission is to advance quality post-secondary student learning and development to ensure the well being of the Diné People.

Diné College Dual Credit Program’s Operation Statement

The Diné College Dual Credit Program provides high school students with geographically feasible and affordable access to a quality post-secondary education.

Diné College Dual Credit Program’s Vision Statement

Diné College believes the Dual Credit Program will become a stepping-stone from high school to college, by serving as a pathway to academic degree programs or college-level courses.

Diné College Dual Enrollment Requirements for High School Students

  • Must be an enrolled student within a partnering high school
  • 2.0 GPA and/or Principal/Guidance Counselor Approval

Admissions Packet

  • Diné College Dual Credit Application
  • Diné College Arizona/New Mexico Dual Credit Request Form
  • Official Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Accuplacer Placement Test

* Diné College requires all original documents. No copies will be accepted.


High school purchases books and is responsible for dual credit resource material.

Examples of Diné College Dual Credit Courses

  • NAV 101 Navajo as a Second Language I (4)
  • NAV 102 Navajo as a Second Language II (4)
  • ENG 101 Freshman English I (3)
  • ENG 102 Freshman English II (3)
  • MTH 110 College Algebra (4)

Course Payment

Initially, all enrollment, registration, and tuition fees are waived by Diné College. After the high school student successfully completes the course, Diné College is reimbursed for costs from:

  • New Mexico: State of New Mexico Legislation – TCU Fund
  • Arizona: Arizona State Legislation – Unclaimed Lottery Funds

New Student Application Process

Diné College requires all original documents – No copies will be accepted. Please have students submit legible applications. Only black or blue ink on applications will be accepted

Step 1 – New Mexico, Arizona and Utah Admissions Packet

  • Diné College Application
    • Application and other fees will be waived
    • Include Official Certificate of Indian Blood
  • Diné College Dual Credit Request Form – NM , AZ, and UT
    • Students
    • Parents
    • High School
  • Dual Credit Schedule – Packet/Online
    • Students must work with H.S. guidance counselor to enroll in proper classes.

Step 2 – Testing

  • Accuplacer testing given by DC and scores attached with packets
    • Accuplacer testing times and dates are arranged with Diné College and partnering H.S.

Step 3 – Advising

  • Start planning with High School Guidance Counselor to enroll in general education classes
    • Explore the Diné College General Education Core classes and check lists for different majors

Step 4 – Registering

  • Registering for classes is relatively easy
  • Students have to work with their H.S. counselors to register for classes that are relevant to their proposed major/interest

Step 5 – Orientation

  • Importance of Dual Credit course, including grades, attendance, and advising
  • Students will be enrolled in our student portal system “Warrior Web” so dual credit students can access DC email and online resources

Application Packet