Academic Divisions & Programs

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Degrees & Programs:
• Fine Arts (A.A.)

Degrees & Programs:
 Business - Tribal Management and Economic Development (B.A)
• Business Administration (B.A.)
• Business Management (A.A.S.)
• Computer Information Systems (A.A.)
• Navajo Nation Leadership (CERT) Gainful Employment Disclosure
• Office Administration (A.A.S.)

Degrees & Programs:
• Diné Studies (A.A.)
• Navajo Cultural Arts (CERT) Gainful Employment Disclosure
• Navajo Language (A.A.)

Degrees & Programs:
Elementary Education (B.A.)
• Early Childhood Education (A.A.)
• Education (A.A.)

• Liberal Arts (A.A.)

• Mathematics (A.A.)
• Physics (A.A.)

Degrees & Programs:
• Agroecology/Environmental Science (A.S.)
• Biology (A.S.)
• Environmental Science (A.S.)
• General Science (A.S.)
• Health Occupation(A.S.)
• Irrigation Technician (CERT) Gainful Employment Disclosure
• Natural Resource (CERT) Gainful Employment Disclosure
• Public Health (A.S.)
• Public Health (CERT) Gainful Employment Disclosure

Degrees & Programs:
• Social & Behavioral Sciences (A.A.)
• Psychology (B.A.)
• Social Work (A.A.)

Vice President of Student Affairs

Vice President of Student Affairs

Glennita Haskey

Office of Vice President
Student Affairs
Tsaile Campus



Mail to:
Diné College: Vice President of Student Affairs
1 Circle Dr.
Tsaile, AZ 86556

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs offer practical training for immediate employment. They do not require general education courses. The courses are not designed to transfer to an upper level program of study.