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Andrea Christelle

Vice Provost for Research
(928) 724-6973

Diné College announced today that it has appointed Andrea Christelle, PhD, to the newly-created position of Vice-Provost for Research. In this role, Dr. Christelle will be responsible for college-wide research and scholarship advocacy. She will also manage the Office of Research, which consists of the Institutional Grants Office, Diné Policy Institute and the Institutional Review Board.

Dr. Michael Lerma

Policy Analyst
(928) 724-6975

Michael Lerma, Ph.D. (P’urhépecha) was born and raised on the Central Coast of California. He is Dean of the School of Business and Social Science at Diné College. His recent research explores the efficacy of traditional Diné institutions of governance. His current projects involve the launch of a virtual business incubator and the creation of a data base to locate Missing and Murdered Diné Relatives within Diné Bikéyah. Lerma received a Bachelor of Arts in History from UCLA, a Master of Arts in Political Science and a Doctorate in American Indian Studies from the University of Arizona.

Davilynn Toney

Administrative Assistant
(928) 724-6699


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