Uranium Impact Study

Health and Risk Assessment

In collaboration with the Navajo Nation EPA, the Indian Health Services, the Saccomanno Research Institute – Grand Junction, Colorado and the Navajo Dependents of Uranium Workers, a local grassroot organization, Diné College will lead the project with specific objectives of the ongoing project in:

  1. document health symptoms and illnesses among adults and children living in communities impacted by past mining and milling practices;
  2. draw conclusions about the relationship between these symptoms and illnesses and environmental exposures;
  3. estimate ongoing risk and the need for remediation, medical screening or surveillance programs, and compensation; and
  4. provide feedback to the Navajo Nation government for remedial programs. In other words, the objective of the ongoing project is to relate sources of contaminants and their presence in the environment to human exposure, absorbed dose, susceptibility, and health effects.


Perry H. Charley
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Mark Bauer
Ph.D., Northwestern University
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Uranium Education Program
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