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The Window Rock Center is located in the Tribal Hill area of Window Rock, just behind the Navajo Nation Council Chambers. Window Rock Center is unique in its own way. Located amongst the NN Government, Diné College instills the need to improve governmental personnel and structure by providing degrees in Liberal Arts, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Business Administration, and cultural values in language, history, and philosophy. Reaching out to area high schools is instrumental to strengthening young minds, to achieve success beyond the 2-year level.

Window Rock has character. Window Rock has challenges. Future development towards improving its facilities is a goal worth achieving. With this goal in place, there are no barriers towards improving the resources that cater to the community, government, and the students of Diné College. Come see what Diné College has to offer in Window Rock.


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Grace M. Boyne
DC Extension: 7604

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DC Extension: 7600

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PO Box 1924
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